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Remembering Happiness

  Remember happiness? You know you are in your feels- whether it be seasonal depression....this poppy seed bagel (pandemic) we're in...just being a living/breathing Black woman....etc.- and you start tearing up while watching a TV family perform one of them music videos at Universal Studios. Suddenly I remember being a kid and being on a family trip to Universal Studios and recording one of those vids.  My mom loved pulling it out...well she used to because thanks to SMART TV's and no one having a VCR....can't really watch it.   Technological Advancement-1/ Stone Age- 0 Though I had other 'issues' in my world at the time- being chubby, not wearing the right clothes by New York public school standards (the judgement starts YOUNG), the way the Orlando humidity did awful things to my hair....- but I remember being so happy.  Happy to be on vacation with my family and happy to be doing the video because I got to 'play' the keytar. So the tears were me just relis

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