Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Not Mad

When I heard about The Mindy Project being canceled I #KanyeShrugged and was like 'it figures'.  I was off n'on with the show- I never felt that Mindy handled (specifically) Black people well.    Like Seinfeld and Friends before it, Mindy's New York City involved lot's of White people and stereotypes of people of color.
It made the show almost un-watchable to me, then Danny Castellano grew on me along with Mindy's fashion choices.
...then Mindy's real -life bro conducted this racist ass experiment where he shaved his head and 'went through life as a black man'.  A life that involved applying to all the medical schools with his mediocre real life grades and then once he got into sucky ass medical schools, he comes out and says 'this is why affirmative action sucks'.
Really bitch?
He didn't even send in applications as his real-life Indian self to make this a real experiment!!- even so, WHY did we need his brown ass conducting this experiment in the first place?  What is the purpose?  Did he want someone to blame for lame ass life or not being his sister?
The fuck.

Needless to say, I was NOT surprised that her bro would be a dumb ass racist because I always got the "I'm a brown girl who needs to be accepted by white people' vibe from her.- Though she did NOT condone her bro's 'experiment', it still all left me feeling a certain way.

Sure, I thought the The Mindy Project had its funny moments but I won't go looking for it on Hulu or anything if it gets picked up cuz I realize I give no fux.  Oh well.