Monday, June 25, 2012

The Killing So Far-Actually The Season Finale That Made Me Sad

Wow.  Just wow. 
The moment we have all been waiting for...finding out who the hell killed Rosie Larson!  And boy did we find out.  
That lil weasel Jaime...and Rosie's friggin' sketchy aunt. AHHHHHHHHH.

Don't know if I feel just sad.  Je suis triste.  Not only will there be no Stephen Holder for MONTHS (or until Robocop comes out), but it was all just sad.

You know what else is sad?  The fact that I am not watching TrueBlood anymore- not just because I don't have HBO, but because I saw the first episode and was like: meh.
I'll probably NetFlix the season and then want to punch shit.

For now I am going to find a flight jacket a la Holder and go gambling at Mohegan Sun.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Remember how I have my White Boy Summers- because they tan n' shit, well a friend made me an amazing tee shirt that says: *ahem* White Boy Summer
A tongue in cheek way of 'letting them know'.  So I am wearing my shirt with my jeans rolled up and some heels- basically I am lookin' mad cute, yo.
I bump into this very attractive dude who happens to be Black aka African American aka not White.  He check me out.  Looks at my shirt.  Shrugs and then says: nice shoes.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  I have shot myself in the foot (vag) yet again.  Cockblocked myself- AGAIN!

Wish me luck....

Monday, June 11, 2012

Listen Up!

that's right, I'm on a podcast with ma peeps  Quintin and Dyesha.  we are funny and the music is rullll (real) good.

Good Things I've Put In My Mouth Lately: Summa, Summa Eats

Ahhhh, alas it is somewhat summer in New York City- I say somewhat because the weather has been real iffy leaving me and my tan out in the cold.  Brrrr...
The eating though is always good.  Grilling n' chilling, are the kinda things I like to get into.  I don't grill myself, unless you count the George Foreman grill...can they do a Chopped (Food Network AMAZING show) with all the contestants using a George Foreman grill.  Would keep things interesting and the meat COOKED.
So, I kicked off my summer aka Memorial Day weekend in the Virginia/Washington D.C. area.  Just being all patriotic n' shit. 
My mom and cousin love this spot called Busboys and Poets in Shirlington, VA.  My mom practically orgasms (gross) at the mere mention of their shrimp and grits.  I of course ordered that along with a cucumber and gin cocktail.  I think there was some agave in there too.  Maybe everything was organic- yes, organic vodka- because I like to be THAT GAL at times.  In any case, I have been BIG into cucumber drinks- perhaps it's my summer thing.  Just find them so refreshing and delightful.  Even the non-alcoholic ones.  For instance, Jane (West Village/Soho area, NYC) makes this amazing cucumber ginger ale soda!  I dream about it sometimes....

My shrimp and grits came and I was pleasantly surprised.  The grits were was the shrimp...and there was this sauce with corn and asparagus. Absolutely delish!  Momma knows.

One day my friend Ruddy (of Ruddy Was Here) G-chatted me that he had a taste for some chicken and waffles.  The next thing I knew, he planned a brunch at this diamond in the ruff Smithfields (Chelsea, NYC).  This is why we are friends.  He talks about it and be's about it!
Then of course he got nervous that because no one had been to this spot- it just may suck.  Thankfully the crew he invited were all open minded and greedy mofo's.  Smithfields is a sports bar and restaurant, but doesn't fit that usual 'grungy' vibe- there is exposed brick and a real comfy yet clean feel.  Being who we are, we decided to order appetizers as a way to get us...wet for the chicken n' waffles brunch!  We all saw shrimp buns on the menu and we all ordered them...and begrudgingly shared them with 1 other person.

Them shrimp buns were SUCH a good choice.  We didn't want them to end.  Those who ate slow almost got jacked for their piece of shrimp bun- that's how REAL it was. 
There was a coconut battered shrimp, with some chili sauce and a jicama slaw.  Ahhhhhhhhh I want 4 of them NOW!

Then the chicken and waffle came with more slaw AND house made cardamom maple syrup.  EFFING DELIGHTFUL!  The chicken was seasoned, the waffle was crisp and chewy.
Sometimes new places surprise you and this was a great find!-plus you can watch soccer which means SOCCER THIGHS.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

F&F's Get The Mind Right When The World Is Wrong

I can finally almost say that my brain is slowly exiting the fogged-out zone that happens when 'life things' happen to ya.
My fogged-out zone involved some drinking, massive brain farts (like going a whole day wearing my shoes on the wrong feet) and not remembering a lot, but I remembered something the other day AND stopped myself at 2 margarita's last night- so this leads me to believe I am on my way to the up n' up.
Then there are the un-dull feelings.  You know when you actually feel something and not numb or like you don't care at all.  Aww, to care- to feel a part of this life, is a great feeling.
Two things made me FEEL again.  Fear and disgust. I felt them both strongly when I heard about the zombie attack in Florida.  That was fear because one of my really real fears are zombies and the impending zombie apocalypse.
Then I heard that Beyotche` said Jay-Z aka Ultimate CamelToe was her first.  No, not the first rapper she heard rap or the first man to pat her weave...with his dick- no, I mean her FIRST LOVER.  Meaning that she is saying that she was a VIRGIN!
I cannot with this chick.  Disgusted by her insistence that she is not a whore- okay, she tries to come off like she's perfect.  I guess she didn't get the memo that NO ONE is perfect and nobody cares! Ugh.
She also didn't have that baby...

After much prodding/pushing/practically dragging me kicking and screaming last night because I bitch up- I gave this HOT dude my number. He cooks and BAKES.   Sure he may never call, but taking a bite out of life and putting yourself out there is great. 
Also a great way to get out of the fog.

F&F's, friends and family, they are the BEST.