Friday, February 24, 2017

Oh Nooooooooo *pause* ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo *pause* oooooooooooooooooooooo

I am sorry I haven't been posting....but I felt once there was a lull in the constant screaming of "Oh NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" in my mind, I could write something about the state of what's going on.
To put it quite simply- what's going on is some fuckshit, but not surprising in the least.

Here are just a few of the random thoughts I have had during this horrendous time:

  • 'Er'body Black'!  While people were all in a 'post racial' world, most of us woke Black peeps were like 'ummmmm....nah, shit is still mad racial'.  People were all caught up in being PC, but the underlying intentions were ALWAYS there- now PC is out the window because being HORRIBLE is accepted.  These monsters have been empowered by this new administration.  So now everyone who is in the crosshairs of these intolerant beasts are FEELING IT.  That feeling of not being seen as human- you know having to justify your mere existence by giving examples of how THEY are all not that bad. ' I mean, Steve Jobs is a child of immigrants and look at him.' Immigrants who move to the states and treat Black people like shit because that is what is instilled in American society, so the world acts accordingly.  You know how many times I have had some Russian try me and I had to tell them how they JUST stopped waiting three hours in line for toilet paper so they should get the fuck out my face- but even they come here and collect WIC and think they are better than ALL the Black people.  In these times though, Russians don't have to worry, it is the brown immigrants who have to.  They are starting to feel the strife and understand what it feels like to be treated a certain way.  Or they are just plain getting deported so....
  • When I am on the 6 train and see a dude in full pique Whiteness- he has on a highwater pant, loafers, socks with reptiles on them AND is carrying a golf club?!  This really happens.  My face...definitely in full judgement mode and I just KNOW he voted for the fuckface in the white house now.
  • I watched 'Paris Is Burning'  again recently and it still makes me so sad...but I LIVE!- for the most part I have been looking to escape the daily fuckery via TV...mostly Netflix.  A while ago I tried to get into Terrace House- a Japanese reality tv show, but it's like REALLY GOOD and funny.  I couldn't get into to ( I forgot to turn on my subtitles).  I tried re-watching and love it.  From seeing Toyko and surrounding areas, the FOOD (they are always eating and that makes me so HAPPY), some of the dudes are HOT AF (Blasian babies), the style (for some), THE FOOD, etc.
  • Even in these times of intolerance, it doesn't make me hate people on sight any less.
  • I ALWAYS knew about Steve Harvey.  He is a big tooth buffoon who tries to tell women how to behave and thinks he influences the 'Black community'.  Fuck outta here.  You (Steve) fucked over Bernie Mac because you KNEW he was better than you...ever since I learned that, I wish for your suits, teeth or mustache to catch on fire.
I am just trying to get by and not go into a depression k hole.
Wish me luck...and I wish you well.  I am going to stay on top of bloggin because writing brings me joy and I know it does for a few of you too...and that's all we need just lil sprinkles of joy, yo!


  1. Steve fucken over Bernie Mac? This I have not heard. Please enlighten a brotha.

    And also, we need some collective 'woo-sah' in our lives.

  2. True- am all about the 'woo-sah', keeping the chi centered!

    Yeah he was blocking his blessings in the early stand up years on the road n shit...AND tried to worm him out of Kings Of Comedy. Of course he apologized either right before Bernie died or after.