Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Good Things I Have Put In My Mouth Lately-Delicatessen

Sure, I have walked by Delicatessen (Soho,New York City) and have shaken my head: NO WAY!
It seemed like a scene. A place where 'pretty people' go to eat- well drink and play like they eat.
Then I had friends to show around town and we were in I figured: why not give it a chance for the people to see pretty people.

Then I saw this on the menu....

...well not the pic actually, I just saw that there was a whole section dedicated to MAC N' CHEESE!! This is when I realized that I could be okay with pretty people and a scene. Actually, there was nice ambiance....and MAC N' CHEESE!
I chose the Mac' was delightful.
Okay, besides the Mac' Lobstah, our waiter was FINE. I noticed he was not the only hot dude working there-good food AND hot dudes. Gonna pull an A.Schwarz: I'll be back!

My friend G-Money got a burger topped with pork belly.

I know it was good because G-Moolah stopped speaking. I literally said a sentence, put a forkful of Mac Lobstah goodness in my mouth, and then turned to look at him and that burger was Swayze, yo!

Sometimes I am not always right-rare- but true. Delicatessen was good eating and chill vibes. The dudes were hot. I didn't try to give any my number so I can definitely go back! WOOT!

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