Sunday, June 3, 2012

F&F's Get The Mind Right When The World Is Wrong

I can finally almost say that my brain is slowly exiting the fogged-out zone that happens when 'life things' happen to ya.
My fogged-out zone involved some drinking, massive brain farts (like going a whole day wearing my shoes on the wrong feet) and not remembering a lot, but I remembered something the other day AND stopped myself at 2 margarita's last night- so this leads me to believe I am on my way to the up n' up.
Then there are the un-dull feelings.  You know when you actually feel something and not numb or like you don't care at all.  Aww, to care- to feel a part of this life, is a great feeling.
Two things made me FEEL again.  Fear and disgust. I felt them both strongly when I heard about the zombie attack in Florida.  That was fear because one of my really real fears are zombies and the impending zombie apocalypse.
Then I heard that Beyotche` said Jay-Z aka Ultimate CamelToe was her first.  No, not the first rapper she heard rap or the first man to pat her weave...with his dick- no, I mean her FIRST LOVER.  Meaning that she is saying that she was a VIRGIN!
I cannot with this chick.  Disgusted by her insistence that she is not a whore- okay, she tries to come off like she's perfect.  I guess she didn't get the memo that NO ONE is perfect and nobody cares! Ugh.
She also didn't have that baby...

After much prodding/pushing/practically dragging me kicking and screaming last night because I bitch up- I gave this HOT dude my number. He cooks and BAKES.   Sure he may never call, but taking a bite out of life and putting yourself out there is great. 
Also a great way to get out of the fog.

F&F's, friends and family, they are the BEST.

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