Thursday, November 1, 2012

Real Talk: Zombie Rats

Shit is real.
2012 has been a really real year.

The zombie apocalypse is coming!  Hurricane Sandy not only killed Karma (Jersey Shore club), it killed rats.  With the flooding of sewers and subway systems, millions of dead, floating rats!  Remember when rats brought about THE PLAGUE.  Well now they are going to bring about the Z virus and the zombies will be tearing the meat from our limbs.
...well not from my limbs because I plan on taking myself out.  I realize that though I am strong, awesome, a person who should survive because people need me- but I know myself.  I don't have the capacity to live through/survive a zombie apocalypse.  Just don't.  The running around, the smells, the fear...I want to worry about manicures and the next episode of Scandal- seriously why do I find Tony Goldwyn so attractive!  In Ghost (movie) I was like-nah.  Now, I am like T.Golds can GET IT...Presidential Style!

This all won't matter though because we will all be eaten by zombies.

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