Monday, March 10, 2014

You Don't Know My Life: I Hate Everyone.

Listen, I don't have the time nor the interest in discussing The Walking Dead right now.  Sure the last three episodes have been watchable...but nothing too interesting...well besides getting a deeper understanding of certain characters.
I think the last two episodes are going to be EPIC (as usual), so I'll just play Candy Crush (STILL?!) and look up for Daryl's arms every now n' then.
...okay, I did become slightly intrigued when it was mentioned that the 'may be special' dude with a mullet was a scientist.
It was a fleeting moment.

Now Scandal is back to making my jaw hurt!  It is just so intense...and I am overcome with how my feelings about certain characters has changed.
Like Fitz and Quinn can get on a plane that #MamaPope has hijacked.  The plane suddenly has a bomb on it so Fitz and Quinn see Liam Neeson in the business class and ask him to diffuse it.  He tells them to 'fuck off' and then joins #MamaPope as she jumps out of the plane with a parachute.
The plane explodes.
I am SO DONE with them.  Fitz is a spoiled asshole.  Quinn is a dumb asshole.

Olivia is even hard to stomach because you're like 'how are you so smart and engrossed in all this fuckery??!!'  Can Fitz's dick swag be THAT good??- then I remember his superpowers. I am fine with Olivia.
Noel (Jake) is growing on me because Fitz is being such a schmuck!- maybe it's the power thing.  Hmm.
OH and #PapaPope is just everything.  Joe Morton is so incredible and I cannot WAIT for his 'Master Class monologues'!  I live for them.

I guess since Kerry Washington is preggers in real life and they need to fill that need 'to show dat Black ass' quota, they have Harrison banging the pretty Kardashian. Okay, she maybe isn't a Kardashian and may have been on How I Met Your Mother.  This would be the same person that has him so scared his suspenders crawled up behind his balls into his body.
Now we find out that #MamaPope is behind EVERYTHING evil.  What in the entire fuck??!!

Perhaps this second half of the season will involve the true dichotomy of Olivia's life.  Good and evil.  The lines seem to blur with her and now it may seem she'll need to choose one path...which may include CLOSING HER LEGS TO MARRIED MEN!

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