Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Have I Mentioned Style Wise...Who Is Just WINNING!

I'm trying to end these last few days of 2014 on a high note.  This year of fuckery- with a few spots of amazing- is on it's way outta here (finally)!!
Me actually blogging is a trend I definitely want to keep going in 2015.
So, let's end this all on a light note- with all the heavy shit going on, I am just exhausted and started to get frown lines.  Ugh.
Let's look into a few more people I look to for style inspiration and then buy a top from Old Navy n' lay my ass on da couch!

I don't know where to begin with her.  I have loved her since the bidhi's!  No matter what she wore- it was always HOW she wore-...how she wears it.  Gwen really has helped me form my own sense of style.  My own terms...but filled with inspiration.
She is just EVERYTHING.  She is aging gracefully and I still want raid her closet while singing ALL of her songs.
The only thing that will help me sleep better at night is if she let's me know what she did with them Harujuku girls....

Janelle Monae!!!
She's another one who's style is all to her own- though she says when she is on stage or a red carpet she is wearing a 'uniform'.  I get it, but in any case she always looks AMAZING!  She proves simplicity and class can go a long wayyyyy...she also just does what works for her.  Like Rihanna can rock a see-through dress and not look like an Instagram model/reality TV whore.  That look works for RiRi.
Janelle is truly flawless inside and out- WHAT does she use on her skin??? And her hair is just ALWAYS on point.  *le sigh* No, I don't sometimes wish I was Janelle Monae and was perfect.

Dascha Polanco!!!
Though new to the scene, Dascha aka Daya on Orange is the New Black is proving to be a force!  Again, she does what works for her and dat boooooooody!  Dascha oozes a confident sexy.
 Then she did the whole ombre- grey hair thing!!!! I was so effin jealous of her!!!  She is just gorgeous and her lips are RIDICULOUS!

...it IS just about 2015, maybe I'll be more inspired and put on a lipstick...and not just wear stretchy pants!!  We will seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....-wait, just cuz she slays the scene (even though she is being dressed by her worthless moms or grandma...).  I am even inspired by a BARELY 1 year old!

...though I think I already kinda dress like North; just my leggings are H&M and not Givenchy.

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