Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Summer Movies Pt 1

The best ideas come from being constantly shady...which I am!  I came across an article about Emma Stone playing a character that is supposed to be part-Asian.  Utter fucking nonsense- but that is beside the point.  It was suggested that after my concise, cutting and cunty review of the film TRAILER (only) for 'Aloha'- it was suggested that I should write trailer reviews.
To go that extra mile I'll even let you know if I have seen the pic, am going to see the pic, or if I have no intention of seeing the pic.
Enjoy!...and maybe I can save you a few bucks.

Let's start with the movie that started all this... Aloha:

Here's my review: ...but really...this movie looks like a shit stain! B Cooper looking smug and confused with Rachel McAdams and the VERY Asian Emma Stone chasing after him???!!!  Then you throw Bill Murray in there doing whatever he surprised Wes Anderson didn't direct this so I could hate it more!

Did I see the movie: Nope.

Will I see the movie: Not even on a rainy afternoon on TBS.  There's Netflix for that shit.


Here's my review: did they fix Jude Law's hairline?  CG, definitely CG.  Okay, typical 'fat girl' comedy.   She's unnoticeable...blah blah blah...why is Jason Statham not even appealing to me?!  Allison Janney is great...but I just feel like I've been here before *yawn*.

Did I see the movie: Nope.

Will I see the movie: Maybe on NetFlix because I love Suki St. James aka Melissa McCarthy but I am certainly not paying cash money to see this.

Avengers-Age of Ultron:

Here's my review:...classic summer movie.  It's a definite must see to keep up with this MARVEL Thor's hammer.  It's like a brain massage- no thoughts, no stress and Thor's hammer.

Did I see the movie: Yep!  It was JUST as I expected...and more with Elizabeth Olsen's Eastern Euro accent...also the dude who played her twin brother could possibly get it.  I thought I would see Hulk SMASH Black Widow, but their love could never be.  Thor's hammer was what's up!

That's it for now- STAY TUNED for more reviews!

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