Thursday, July 2, 2015

Summer Movies Pt 2

Ugh, I am SUCH a Gemini sometimes.  I do that thing where I start something and then get so caught up in LIFE I leave my 3 readers HANGING!
If you have been anywhere near the internets or a TV, you know that shit has been REAL...add that to life things and it has left me more in my head and unable to express ALL the thoughts.  I am just trying to process things while taking care of myself so that I don't become bitter n' hateful in a non-conducive to life kinda way...
In any case, here are more summer movies that are coming out and my reviews/thoughts on them- since I do NOT have time for that (and lost my list of movies), I will not have the trailers n' shit.
Just go with it...

I wanted to see Dope and by chance I DID!  It was fantastic!  Go see this movie!  I thought it was going to be some long Pharrell-esque commercial about the right way for black dudes to wear cropped skinny jeans...but it wasn't that!  It was a great story with an even better soundtrack.  **SPOILER ALERT** Plus Tyga gets shot so it was all win win for me!!!

Terminator Genisys:
I am never seeing this movie.  Fuck this movie.  How is Arnold Schwarzenegger in it?!  Robots don't age- and I don't even wanna KNOW how they explain that shit.  My Terminator movies involve a young Eddie Furlong and a stacked Linda Hamilton.
This new crap is nonsense.

Jurassic World:
Like I want to see this...but I keep hearing things.  Bad things. Movies cost about the same as a good H&M outfit sooooooo....
Initially, I was down to see a bunch white people get eaten by dinosaurs because they would be the ONLY ones going to some island that boasted their attraction was LIVE dinosaurs!  INCLUDING some genetically designed one that seems like it will eat you then find your moms and eat her too!
....but I heard that black peeps are on the island as well, and yes I know a few of 'us' get caught up in having diverse friends and wearing Toms n' shit, but COME ON!
So now I highly doubt I'll be going to see this...or at least paying to go see this #SummerDatingSchemes

Magic Mike XXL:
Listen, I saw the first Magic Mike and was surprised by how much I enjoyed it.  Also, a miracle happened- I found Channing Scrotum attractive...well not his face, but his bod and the way that bod MOVES!
I don't have enough fucks to muster to see this sequel.  The commercial did NOTHING for me.  Even with Donald Glover being in it....I still...nope...can't muster a fuck.

The rest of the summer movies I just can't...but I do wanna see Trainwreck and I am going to see Amy aka the Amy Winehouse doc because AMY! 
 Will try to spend the summer out of the darkness...and in my low lit apartment watching Netflix or Lifetime movies instead. Ha!

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