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A Chronicle of Cashmere Series: Dean In Tazmania

**I am still working on a fanfic for The Walking Dead involving Neegan- but right now I decided to put out this fanfic involving Jensen Ackles AKA Dean Winchester from Supernatural and my recent trip to Miami.  Pretty random, but quite cosmic.  You see, I have started Supernatural from season 1 on Netflix- I never had a problem with the show, just never watched it.  This is surprising since I am all thinking supernatural AND 'Dean' from Gilmore Girls is on it- I am not into him like I am INTO Jensen, but I enjoy his acting.  So here I am watching Supernatural...falling for Jensen ALL OVER AGAIN- his eyes, his lips...that chin cleft, whew lawt!  Anyways, who plays their dad?!  Jeffrey Dean Morgan AKA Neegan on The Walking Dead #FullCircle
So I found a way to incorporate my love for Jensen and unload activities that may or may not have occurred (#FanFic) on my trip!  Enjoy!!**
**All names except Jensen's have been changed.**

Tazmania Jones stepped out of the air conditioned cab in front of the luxurious resort and spa she was set to stay in for three nights.  The humid air smelled of the ocean and was filled with that Miami energy she was accustomed to when she visited.  The perfect city to choose your own adventure- though she wasn't really looking for an adventure.  She needed rest and relaxation.  A moment to reflect and file her thoughts.
After checking-in, she makes her way towards the elevators that would take her up to her room.  Lost in thoughts about what to have for dinner, she walks into someone.  Someone who was solid and who caught her by her elbows...and then began massaging them with his thumbs.  Tazmania looked up into the most intense green eyes that were enhanced with a slow full lipped smirk.

"Well hello there darlin'-"  His deep southern tinged voice almost seemed to growl with appreciation.  Dean Winchester loved women, there was no denying that.  There was just something behind her slanted brown eyes that piqued his interest. Her skin was so soft, he knew he should stop touching her but he couldn't help himself.

"Sorry...uh-"  She steps back to adjust herself and her shoulder bag, but mostly she needed to get out of his handsome grip.

"The least I can do is take this, " he goes to take her bag, "and carry it up to your room."

"Ah, a gentleman.  So I bump into you and then you follow me to my room to kill me?  I apologized."  She allows him to tug at her bag, but does not let go.  She is overwhelmed by his throaty chuckle.

"Okay, that was a little creepy of me- how about I let you buy me a drink tonight at the hotel bar just so we're square."

"Oh we're square..."  She begins heading towards the elevators before she considered drinks with him.

"Dean.  My names, Dean."  He is walking towards the elevators with her.

She taps the up button and the doors open immediately, she enters the elevator with Dean right beside her.  She figures she'd have to give her name now or the ride would be even more awkward.

"Is that where you're from?" He has crossed his golden arms over his broad chest, his head tilted in curiosity.

"That is my name.  Tazmania."

"So you hate your parents?"  There was the full lipped smirk again.  Tazmania couldn't help but smile too.  She often thought of a name change but was too lazy for the process...and plus, having a name like Tazmania Jones always helped with the small talk she hated so much.

"My parents wanted me to be a crime fighter or something."

"Are you one?"  He asks, and at that point the elevators open on Tazmania's floor.

"Sometimes."  She says as she steps out and the doors closed.  Though Dean was handsome and charming, and she didn't mind flirting with him, she longed for solitude.  Not having to speak to anyone...or even see them, if she just decided to stay in her hotel room.
Her room was standard, clean and the king sized bed looked inviting.  After putting her stuff away and freshening up, she decides to lay low in her room and decide where to have dinner that night.
As she was about to look up restaurants on her iPad the TV suddenly comes on in her room, then the bathroom light.  Tazmania squints and thinks that the hotel may have things on a timer.  She goes to turn off the bathroom light and then the TV when the mp3 radio that was on the left nightstand comes on playing Selena Gomez's "Hands to Myself".  A tingle of fear and a little embarrassment for loving that song came over her.
Perhaps the hotel had a timer set on 'party time' that made things turn on so that a guest felt the need to go out or something.  She decides to call the front desk because she wanted nothing to do with this timer situations.

"Hello Ms. Jones, how can I help you?"  The front desk clerk says.

"Hi.  I guess things are on a timer in my room because they keep coming on-"

"Timer?  We don't have anything on a timer.  If you would like something turned on, you have the power to turn it on."

"So why are things turning on in my room?"

"What things?"

"The TV, the bathroom light and you can hear the radio on in the background."

"And you didn't turn any of these things on?"

"No, that's why I am calling you asking about a timer."  Tazmania knew that this was beyond being a timer, but thinking it was anything seemed crazier.

"I can have someone come up and check the power outlets in your room if you'd like."

"That would be great.  Thanks.  I will just head down to the hotel bar..."

"Okay, hoepfully we can fix this issue for you and if not we can give you a new room."

"Great, thank you."  They hang up.  Tazmania felt an unease.  She knew it would be best just to leave the room.  She would bring her iPad to keep people from starting random conversations with her.

The hotel bar was airy and to Tazmania's delight, not filled with too many people.  She found a quiet corner of the spacious bar and ordered a strawberry mojito.  Just as she was about to open her iPad and go back to the important work of finding a place to have dinner, she felt someone sit next to her, she looks up to see Dean.  Though her heart began beating faster- her traitor body excited to be near him again, she tried to shift away from him to subconsciously let him know to 'go away!'

"It is truly my lucky day..." Dean really couldn't believe his luck, now he wouldn't have to hack into the hotel files to find out what room Tazmania was staying in.  He happened to be passing when he saw her get off the elevator and enter the bar.  Besides her obvious beauty, he felt a certain energy with her...he hoped she wasn't any sort of creature.
A strawberry mojito is placed in front of Tazmania, she appears to be gulping it down.
"You know this is a bar, there are more drinks..." He says and orders a beer.

"I know, but between you and the gho- I mean the power being wonky in my room.  Drinks need to be gulped."

Dean hoped that feeling he felt towards Tazmania had nothing to do with the spiritual realm, but of course he wasn't that lucky.
"Me and a ghost?"  He tried to keep his nonchalant demeanor.

"Well you know how you are...and I didn't say ghost."

"Not fully...but you intended to.  Why do you think you have a ghost?"

"Why are you so interested in ghosts?  Are you a ghostbuster or something?"  The drink was helping, and mint counted as a food group.  Right?

"Something like that..."  He usually didn't inform women he wanted to sleep with about his profession, but Tazmania had that effect on him.  The amused look on her face made him glad she was gulping down alcohol.
"How about we go to your room to resolve my curiosity..."

"I need to eat something or I will definitely do something I'll regret with you."  She waves over the bartender- and pokes Dean on his shoulder when he tries to stop her from getting food.  They order a few bar snacks and then head up to her room.

"You should thank the rum gods because that is the only reason I am entertaining this."  Tazmania says as she opens the door to her dark room, the AC hit them with a gush.

Dean smiled and then stepped in quickly before she changed her mind.  The cold gush felt very familiar to him.  He knew there was a spirit in this room.
"I will leave an offering for the rum gods, for sure."  He went to turn on the lights, they came on dimly.

"Supposedly someone from the hotel-"  She stops mid sentence because she sees a very dead looking woman coming towards them from the bathroom.  Dean puts up a well muscled arm to protect her as he pulls a salt bottle he stole from the hotel bar and begins shaking it at the 'woman'.  She disappears.
"What the fuck was that?"

"That was a spirit and the reason you'll be in my room tonight.  Gather your things-"

"I can just find another room in the hotel."  Even as she said it she knew it was a lie.  She would rather stay with Dean which was crazy because she usually hated everyone.

"The quicker we get to my room, the quicker we can figure out why there is a spirit in your room."  He usually minded having to work during a much needed vacation, but at this moment he was excited the spirit world decided to rear it's ugly head.

Even though Dean stayed in a room similar to Tazmania's, the room felt him.  As much as he flirted and seemed a bit 'cheesy playboy', he had a undeniable warmth to him.
 Once he made sure she was settled he got on his laptop and began Googling murders at the hotel.  He was so deep into his research he hadn't noticed Tazmania pacing.  She paced to absorb her current situation and to wrestle with her sudden want to rip Dean's shirt off and forget there was ever a ghost.  She stops pacing when she hears him whisper 'well I'll be'.
"What?" She asks and tries to stop blushing when she is met with his usual devilish smile.

"First things first, you are really fine to look at," he continues "and second thing, someone was killed in your room."

Tazmania almost trips over to him to read whatever he was reading on his laptop.  She sees a few articles with the words 'GRUESOME' and ' MURDER' in their title.  Without meaning to, she leans a hip on his shoulder and before she could move away Dean wraps a strong arm around her hip, not just to cop a feel but to ground her as well.

"It seems a Madeline Porter was killed in that room about five years ago.  The hotel put out reports that it was a crime of passion and her then boyfriend was arrested.  I was able to see police files though, they also investigated the manager of the hotel, Raul Garcia, who had seen Madeline at the hotel bar and taken a liking to her.  This propelled the boyfriend scenario, but Madeline also rejected Raul and according to reports he was the 'king of Miami'..."  Dean looks up into Tazmania's face to see how she was taking everything.  Her brows were furrowed and appeared to be trying to figure something out- he loved his brother Sam, but working a case with her would have its privileges.

"So she is haunting the room because..."  Tazmania was inebriated enough to go with the flow.  She and Dean- the ghost hunter- would figure out this haunting and get the ghost...or Madeline out of her room.

"She is haunting the room because of the traumatic way she died...and a part of her must still be on the grounds.  They never found her hands, they identified her with dental records."  Dean tries to pull Tazmania down to his lap so they could have this conversation at eye level, but she gracefully turns out of his one arm hold.

" 'Hands To Myself' was the song she put on before when I thought the power was wonky!"  If her office job didn't pan out, perhaps 'ghostbusting' would be a new career path for Tazmania.  She chuckles to herself, then notices that Dean has been staring at her.  He stands and strolls towards her like a jungle cat seeking prey.  She wants to move, but doesn't.
Dean didn't know what the song 'Hands to Myself' was, but he liked where Tazmania's head was at.  The way she smiled at herself proudly it made him want to kiss her, so that was what he was about to do.  He lifts her chin and kisses her like he was about to exorcise her mouth.  To his surprise she kissed him back just as passionately.
The tearing off and throwing of shirts happens followed by sharp cries of ecstasy as body parts are touched and rubbed on.

Later as they lay in bed in the afterglow, still breathing hard and both thinking that they didn't expect it to be that good.  Dean played in Tazmania's curly hair, as she lay there staring at the ceiling trying to come up with ways to have sex with Dean again yet not spend her whole trip with him.  She was in Miami and didn't wanna go all in with the first guy she meets- and woah did she go all in.

"Is this an essential part of ghostbusting?" She asks.

"Usually getting rid of the ghost is essential.  This is a perk."

"How does one rid themselves of a ghost?"

"We'll have to find her hands, and then salt and burn them."  He almost yanks out Tazmania's hair due to her sitting up so fast.

"Burn and salt...hands?!"

"Yep, and they are somewhere on this property, I say we start with the land by Raul Garcia's office...and start digging for them."

"The hands? You say 'we'?  How about you dig, shower and we go for round three or...four..."  She gives him a smile that makes him want to forget about the ghost.

"I'll need a little inspiration before I go though...."  They begin kissing again...and eventually Dean leaves the room long enough to retrieve Madeline Porters hands.

The End.

**Besides being HOT, Jensen Ackles aka Dean Winchester and my alter ego Tazmania Jones are fun to write for, so I may do more fanfic adventures with them!**
**Also my trip to Miami involved more alcohol and even less clothing! HOLLA!**

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