Saturday, March 17, 2012

Good Things I Have Put In My Mouth Lately: Decadence

We have all gathered I enjoy eating. I also love trying new things especially when I think they are going to be delicious- or am told they are going to be delish.
This is what happened when I ventured to Queens with my food club for Bolivian food. I was told: YOU NEED TO HAVE THE SALTENAS!
Notice it was pluralized, because like dick, you can't have just one!

So, I made sure we ordered the Saltenas-which are Bolivia's answer to empanadas...but on some next level shit. I cannot begin to describe how I dream of these things and just how good they are.
Where can you get them? Go to Queens- which is the ONLY place you will find Bolivian spots. I am not reccommending the spot we tried because it was a bit sketchy, though the food was delicious, it is NOT guaranteed the place is still open.

Look at them all waiting to be eaten....they fill my dreams now...

There is like a stew inside of them! A delicious stew that never leaks from that corn based casing. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.....

Where am I?
Ahh, I am thinking back to the Sunday my book club (yes, I am the supremest of nerds with my clubs) met up to discuss the book New York. It is a fictional tale of the history of New York. Pretty cool...
We commemorated the book by going to Fraunces Tavern (Lower Manhattan, NYC)- which is pretty historical, it is the place where Washington (as in our first president George) met with his peeps. It felt mad old in there, but it was very nice!

There were endless mimosa's, bellini's and blood mary's...and then these!

Sure, they may look like some regular ole challah french toast, but DAYUM they were just so delightful!! I don't know if Martha Washington was up in there making a batter-all I know is that you should go there (Fraunces Tavern) for brunch and get them.
You'll thank me.

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