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Hard Heat: A Chronicles of Cashmere Series- Don't Speak

I've decided to give my three readers a treat since I have been slacking with my blogging- a summer rooooomance seriessss (said in Oprah voice).  Who doesn't like laying on a beach reading about throbbing parts?!  
So, I have decided to write a few short 'beach reads' stories for y'all- to get ya this heat.  Hmmm.  Anywho, enjoy.  Here is the first installment: Don't Speak- oh yeah this will be the perfect blend of cornball, my insane wit and filth.  #PerfectoBitches

1- Stop Before Start

                      Harlow stepped into the empty elevator eyes never leaving her smartphone screen.  She felt if she consistently checked for an email- it would come.  The email she was anticipating would be about a new job for a rival advertising company- she did the jump through hoops and interview thing.  The dinners and schmoozing, and now it came down to this one email letting her know if it was all for naught.  If this job didn't happen she didn't know what she would do-

"Harlow Johns, in the flesh."  His voice was low and wrapped around Harlow like a warm summer breeze.   Christaphor's voice both comforted and struck something deep in Harlow.  She looks up into his insistent coppery brown eyes.  Into the eyes of the reason she had to leave her current job.

"Good Morning Mr. Halo..."  Her voice deceives her by cracking.  She clears it and smiles when she thinks about his last name and the man she knows him to be.  Christaphor Halo was no angel.  He was an intelligent and ambitious man.  The youngest partner at Forte Agency, Christaphor was known for his integrity, being mysterious and his supreme cool.
Harlow also knew him as unrelenting in his pursuit of her.  She would never understand why; she wasn't denying that it was a thrill that scared the shit out of her.  So much so, she was actively looking for another job where a meek graphic designer could go from work to krav magra and then back to work again.  Her social life was limited, just as she liked it.  A few friends, a lover every now n' then and family obligations.  Harlow enjoyed her world of keeping people at a distance which she felt allowed her to control all of her circumstances- Christaphor Halo wanted to shake all of that up.  Ever since she sat in on a meeting for a new account a month ago it has been emails, random run-ins and more meetings where he sits and stares at her until her caramel skin is tomato toned.
Much like he was doing now....

"Christaphor."  A slow smile forms on his full lips.  "You are a hard woman to track down-it's almost like you're avoiding me."

Harlow felt as if the elevator was moving slower, she nervously laughs, "Avoiding?  I am just really busy with the new Rutledge account."  She was really just avoiding him.  Harlow was never fond of male attention- she liked the usual banter that led to some type of courtship followed by eventual dating that ended with a breakup usually because Harlow 'just didn't seem into it'.  This goes back to her keeping people at a distance.
Christaphor's subtle yet relentless approach threw Harlow off.  He would always stand a little too close to her and he always spoke to her like each word was meant to peel off a layer of clothing.  In fact, in this elevator that appeared to be moving slower, he was so close to her she could feel the heat coming from his body and smell the amazing cologne he wore.

"Speaking of Rutledge, they want us to come to their headquarters in London-"  He says.

"That's great.  London is great.  I'm sure you have been- it's a great city."  Harlow says wishing she was able to use more of her vast vocabulary.

"Great.  It will be you and I going-"  As he says this the elevator doors open and he begins to exit.  Harlow is still staring at where he was standing, slightly open mouthed.

2- London

                   The Savoy Hotel was elegant and refined like Christaphor Halo who stood inches away from Harlow.  This caused her breath to come out in spurts.  She was almost lulled by his voice as he spoke to the concierge; though his voice was low and deep she thought she heard they were sharing a room.  This broke her from her self-imposed stupor.

"Um...Christaphor...are there no other rooms?"  She asked immediately turning red when his coppery eyes fell upon her.  He smiles slowly.

"There are other rooms."  He turns back to continue with the concierge.  Harlow couldn't believe his confidence that she would be okay with this.  She avoided him during the plane ride, but now they would have it out in this room they would supposedly be sharing and then she would head to a pub and find another hotel to stay at.  Enough was enough.  First he makes sure that only she and he would go on this trip to London, and then he does everything in his power to make sure that Harlow couldn't get out of going with him to London.  Nothing he did was blatant so it wasn't as if she could file a complaint- though booking one room was a step in the 'obviously hitting on her' direction.
The thing that made Harlow the angriest was that she really didn't mind it- it was almost as if she wanted this.  She was intrigued by his confident power.  He was a man of few words who brought people to puddles, and for some reason he was almost vested in 'having her'.

"They will bring our bags up to our room, let's follow the bellhop up there...."  He holds out an arm for her to take.  She looks at it and him, and then follows the bellhop leaving him behind.  Christaphor catches up to her though, his presence felt at her shoulder.

They all enter the elevator silently.  The tension caused the bellhop to tap on the wood paneling as he nervously smiled at them.  Harlow knew her face was tight, she tried not to look at Christaphor's handsome face that she knew was looking at hers.  To say Christaphor was handsome was an understatement.  His skin was the color of honey; the honey colored lush and rugged features that were showcased by his sleepy brown eyes and full lips.  His 6'2" height was taller than Harlow's 5'5' and his build was lean-though she could tell he was muscular- Harlow quickly shakes her head and tries to hold on to being angry at him and not wanting to use this energy to do other things to him.  Or with him.

The elevator doors open and they all silently walk down the long carpeted hallway.  The bellhop stops at door marked PH 3.  Of course Christaphor Halo would stay in a penthouse.
As soon as Harlow is inside the large excellently designed suite, she walks into any other room that did not have Christaphor or the bellhop in it.  She wound up in the bedroom.  The four post king sized bed being the focal point  along with a balcony overlooking the Thames River.  The man had impeccable taste and seemed fairly capable at seduction- this made Harlow angrier.  She was a 'done deal' according to Christaphor.
Pacing while deep in angry thoughts, she didn't notice Christaphor had entered the room and was sitting in a high backed chair in the corner watching her.  Besides the feeling he gets when he sits in the midst of a brainstorming session for a new account- watching Harlow was his favorite thing to do.  He noticed her when he was VP with Forte, she was considered the best graphic designer in their field- though she didn't know that.  Quietly she worked her way up to director of the graphics department, all the while remaining humble and in her own world.
Her looks seemed to be an obvious reason for his unreasonable attraction to her at first sight.  She was curvy, with large almond shaped grey eyes that always seemed to look through him, her thick curly black hair he imagined tugging as he kissed her- Christaphor was used to noticing a woman who would then pursue him until he had enough time in his schedule to entertain himself...with her.  With Harlow everything was different.  He felt a connection to her, though they were vastly different they connected on some level- and then there was the fact that she avoided him.  He wasn't simple enough to want someone just because they seemed like they didn't want him, she wanted him, but he was intrigued as to why she was fighting it.
Right now, she appeared to be angry.  She bit her full bottom lip and paced in front of him, jiggling in places that caused Christaphor to shift in his seat.  He didn't want to speak and ruin this view, but he was afraid if this went on for too long he would pounce on her and fuck her on the bed that seemed to be calling for that.  That wouldn't be the best way to woo someone like Harlow, plus he needed her to know this was not going to be some 'water cooler/office gossip' affair.  This was going to be them together and him never having to wonder- or risk her finding someone else who would not be worthy of her because it wouldn't be him.

Harlow's 'anger parade' was cut short by Christaphor clearing his throat.  She didn't know he was there-just watching her.  The urge to go over to him and sit on his lap and play in his hair was strong, but she knew better-

"What the fuck is all this, Christaphor!"  She didn't move closer to him, that would be dangerous because he seemed like a jungle cat laying in wait in the tall grass.

He closes his eyes relishing her voice speaking his name, "I don't know.  This is why I thought we should share this suite and figure things out."

"You mean make it so I have to come to with you to London so you can fuck me and then check me off your list of conquests?"  She crosses her arms in front of her needing to hold herself up after seeing the look in Christaphor's shimmering eyes.  He slowly stands and begins walking towards her.  Harlow felt like she should move away but by the time she uncrosses her arms Christaphor has wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her towards him.  His eyes never leaving hers as he takes a hand and begins caressing her cheek and jawline, he then slowly leans down and tugs at her bottom lip with his teeth.  She gives up all thoughts of running away and moans as she wraps her arms around his neck, her fingers slowly making their way into his hair.  He then kisses her showing her wordlessly how this wasn't some cheap dalliance.  His lips softly pecking hers till they opened and he could taste her.  Savoring her sweet flavor he fought hard to remain calm and not answer the animal inside him that wanted to be thrusting inside her already.  He knew he needed to take his time- and he wanted to.  He had to.  This is the moment where he had to win her over because his usual ways of confident strategy were going to send her running away.

Their bodies so close that even through their clothing they could feel each others body heat. Harlow could feel Christaphor's growing desire against her tummy.  This caused her to pull him with her towards the lovely made bed that awaited them.  He stopped kissing her with surprise and then began pulling off his blazer.  They both began pulling at their own clothes along with each other's.  Soon he is just his boxer briefs laying back on the plush bed  with his hands caressing and squeezing Harlow's full bare -due to a g-string- derriere as she kissed him and ground slowly on his abundant erection.  Her skin was so soft and warm-he never wanted anyone more in his life.
Heart beating too fast, Harlow couldn't believe she had Christaphor between her legs.  She knew the way they were communicating was just what had to happen for now.  She would think about the after, after.  Even if this was a one time thing, there would be no regrets on her part.  No way she could regret delving into her underused passionate side with a man she has wanted since his copper eyes first looked into hers.

She suddenly finds herself beneath him with all her undergarments off.  "I want you, Harlow." he whispers as he begins placing soft wet kisses down her body, soon his warm mouth is pleasuring her most sensitive area and as she grows wetter he moans and continues the slow licks to her lush precious flower.  One hand tugged at the bedspread and her other massaged the top of his head- "Christaph....", she could barely get his name out as she came, and just when she thought she was done another wave of unfurled tension rolled through her.  The sounds she made almost made him lose control, he was already barely holding on.
As she lay there open, ready-he looked into her eyes finally seeing she was there with him and no longer fighting this thing, he slowly slid into her warmth, savoring the feel of her all around him gripping and pulling him in.  He kissed her as he stroked inside her, he tugged at her thick beautiful hair and knew this was the moment when she became his.

3- Not So Fast

                   The next few hours Harlow and Christaphor spent 'communicating' until they were both thoroughly exhausted.  Harlow nuzzling his neck as she slept. In fact, she was doing it now as the sun shown through the sheer curtains, Christaphor lay awake with no intention of waking her up.  They would eventually have to go to meetings and face the world, but right now he wanted enjoy the feel of her.
Another hour passed and they were freshly showered and sitting across from each other eating breakfast.

"I had Mirabelle schedule all our meetings today so we can have the evening and tomorrow...exploring London."  Christaphor sipped his coffee , enjoying how Harlow looked at him as if she wanted him right there on the table.  When she licked her lips he almost knocked all the dishes to the floor, she then smiled letting him know she was purposefully making him crazy.

"Sounds great.  I'll go through the presentations a few times before each meeting- Christaphor?"


"Before this..." She pointed at him and her, "I was actively looking for another job."

"To get away from...this."  He smiled slowly, though it didn't reach his eyes.  He had a feeling he wouldn't like where this was going.

"Yes.  Well when we get back I am putting in my two weeks notice- I didn't know you planned this business seduction trip!"

"You were just going to leave and think that that would be it?"  He was alarmingly calm which made Harlow try to down her coffee without choking.

"That was the plan."

"What is the plan now?"

"To take the job...and keep you."  She smiles.

"Come here..."  He whispers.  She saunters over to him and sits on his lap.  Soft playful pecks begin on his jawline, then his neck- it was true, Harlow wanted to keep Mr. Halo.  It could never be like this with anyone else, they didn't even need to speak to understand each other.  He looked at her like she was the sunrise and she knew that even if she doubted him and pushed him away, he would be there silent and strong...and wanting only her.

To be continued...we'll catch up with Harlow and Christaphor in a few weeks, but next lookout for  D'Angelo and Jacobi in Calliente Thunder (ha! yes that is a the title of the next story. no joke) #BeachReads

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