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Hard Heat: A Chronicles of Cashmere Series- Calliente Thunder

More of my summer ROOOOMANCE series....enjoy!

1- A Reunion?

                     The radio crackled out "Locked Out of Heaven" (Bruno Mars), but it didn't distract D'Angelo Santos from the task at hand-repairing a car that had been in a bad wreck over the weekend.  He learned to tune everything out and just focus on the car.  There were few things he enjoyed more than repairing cars; that and making art out of scrap metal.
He doesn't lower the volume or hear that his name is being called.

"D!"  The shop manager, Kevin, yells for the third time.  It was a charm because D'Angelo finally hears him and slides from under the wrecked Toyota Camry.

"Yeah?" D'Angelo makes no effort to sit up, he figured this would be a quick conversation and he could get back to what he was doing.

"The Camry owners girl is here she wants to hear what has to be done to the car and how long it will take-"

"Why don't you tell her then..."

Kevin rolls his eyes, "I tried but she wants to hear from the person actually fixing the car- I guess she's still freaked out about what happened.  Hey, no one died-"  He shrugs.  D'Angelo slowly stands and was ready to short answer this woman till she was so frustrated she left him alone.  He stretches to his full 6'3" frame and strides over to the front office area of the garage.  The greasy rag almost fell from his hands when he saw Jacobi Garrett's profile.  She was still the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.  Mocha colored skin that glowed, hair was always in a high bun-that he loved releasing and watching it fall onto her shoulders, pouty lips that were his favorite to kiss- and then she turns her head when she feels his presence, her cat-like brown eyes widen a little and her pouty lips part.  She lets out a quick breath.

"Jacobi..."  He says with his usual deep rumble, a voice accented by both a Spanish and New York accent.  Jacobi felt her heart thud.  There he was, D'Angelo Santos, the man she never thought she'd lay eyes on again.  The man she left standing on the corner in Brooklyn's Park Slope as it rained.  It was like a scene from a movie.  Stoic man, emotional woman, rain.  It was year ago she realized she didn't like how vulnerable he made her feel; she was so in love with him.  He was an unstable artist who loved her like no other would-so of course she left him before he left her, and before she entered her 30's and wondered why she was living off ramen noodles in a loft with six other people.

"D'Angelo...uh, hi...what, what are you doing here?"  She steps back when he moves closer to her.  She knew that if he touched her once, she would be done for.

"I work here.  I take it you're the person who wanted to hear it straight from the horses to say."  He smirks revealing his one dimple.  Jacobi was the only person he knew that could be so anal, but then have the freest spirit.  Of course the harder side of her always won out- it was the side that broke his heart.  He crosses his arms over his broad chest, mostly to protect himself because he wanted to hold her and forget about how she broke him into a million pieces.

"'s car- the car you're working on- I need to know how long this repair will take.  We are only visiting this area and he will be out of the hospital soon-"  She tended to ramble on when nervous.  D'Angelo wasn't making this easier for her, he let her go on and just stared at her as if he were watching paint dry.

"Two weeks."  He says, and then he adds, "You're actually dating a guy who drives a Toyota Camry?"  He chuckles and shakes his head as he walks away.  He left Jacobi standing there unable to come up with a witty reply, until...

"What are you doing here?  What happened to your art?"  For some reason she didn't like watching him walk away, and this couldn't be it.  She had to know how he was doing, even though she had no right to know.  He stops walking, but doesn't turn around...

"You're asking a lot of questions for someone who left me and has a boyfriend who was just in a car accident.  I bet he has a job with insurance and everything."  He turns to look at her.

"You were a great sculptor, I just hope you're still creating..."

"Please stop."  He walks away, leaving her this time.  When D'Angelo is alone he throws the rag and wants to pick up the Camry and toss it.
The one thing he held on to was that he'd see her one last two weeks.  He hoped that would be it, but deep down he knew he would always want to see her and be with her.  Would he have to spend the next two weeks repairing her boyfriend's car and plotting ways on how to keep her here with him?

2- The Storm

                   As Jacobi entered Gibson's hospital room, she heard voices; and revealed his sister Harlow and her boyfriend- he was really a manfriend- Christaphor.  Harlow stood at Gibson's bedside and Christaphor was in a dark corner of the room occasionally checking his phone but mostly watching Harlow.  This reinforced what Jacobi called him in her head 'The Dark Knight'.  He seemed to always find the darkest parts of a room and just watch Harlow, and the minute she hinted at wanting anything he was there with it.  It was fascinating to watch-

"Jacobi! Hey!"  Harlow comes towards her ready to hug.  Jacobi sighed as she hugged Harlow back noticing what a difference 'love' made to the formerly 'non-touchy feely' Harlow.

"Hi Harlow...Christaphor."  Jacobi goes to other side of Gibson's bed and squeezes his hand.

"You okay?"  Gibson asks.  Jacobi hated how well he could read her, but there was no way she was going to inform him that she ran into the love of her life and he hates her...and that that hurts her.  She couldn't admit to this man who was perfect for her that she wanted nothing more than to run back to that car garage and kiss D'Angelo all over his handsome face.

"Fine- just left the garage and they say that the car won't be fixed for another two weeks."

"That's a long time to be stuck here..."  Harlow says.

" I can helicopter you back to New York and send for the car in two weeks."  Christaphor says in his true Dark Knight fashion.  He emerges from the dark corner and stands beside Harlow.  She immediately takes his hand and looks up at him in a way that causes him to blush.  Jacobi was truly fascinated by their pairing.

"That sounds amazing- the doc says I will be ready for release in two days tops."  Gibson says.

"Great, then it's a plan.  We helicopter in two days."  Jacobi says.  She felt it was for the best, the quicker she was away from D'Angelo the better.  She would never have to see him again. Unknowingly, she frowns.  Gibson squeezes her hand and she immediately smiles.


                     The night before Jacobi and Gibson were going helicopter back to New York, Jacobi decided she needed a break from the hospital and Gibson's hands on family.  Christaphor made sure everyone made it to and from Vermont and New York.
Jacobi was blasting "Warm Winds" by SZA in her rental car, she was just driving away from the hospital and the garage, everything.  She was fine before she ran into D'Angelo.  Complacent.  Looking at vacation homes in Vermont with Gibson pretending it was everything she wanted.  Everything she wanted was probably under a car.  Everything she wanted was unpredictable and touched her like he was amazed every time.
Suddenly there is a downpour so Jacobi pulls over on the side of the road when she was no longer able to see the road ahead of her.  After a few moments she realizes she is parked down a path from a quaint looking home- so far the residents of Vermont have been neighborly, whomever lived here might surely let her wait the storm out.
Wrapping her cardigan around her and the skimpy summer dress she had on, she made a run for the house.  Once under the patio she realized that if this proved to be a bad idea, she would just have to shiver it out in her car.
She knocks twice on the front door.  She couldn't hear any movement due to the wind and rain.  Suddenly the door opens revealing D'Angelo.  Jacobi's mouth drops.

"Well, well...what can I do for you, Jacobi?"  He leans against the door frame and crosses his muscular brown arms across his broad chest.  The smirk on his face made Jacobi take a step back.  D'Angelo didn't believe in that "Secret' crap, but maybe someone was onto to something.  He just had an urgency to see Jacobi- the rain always made him think of her.

"I didn't know you lived here...I have to go-"  As she goes to step away, D'Angelo gently grabs her arm.

"No, you're not going out in that.  Come in."  He guides her into his home.  Seeing the warm colors mixed with his sculptures...including one that almost look like her- made tears moisten her eyes.  Just walking into D'Angelo's home was like a hug she longed for.

"This is...nice..."  She says.

"Thank you.  Can I get you anything?  I have the green tea you like..."

Jacobi begins shaking her head, "I can't do this...I can't be here..."

"You can stand out on the patio if you'd like till the storm stops."  Just when he thought she couldn't hurt him anymore- he wasn't just beneath her, his home was too.  No matter what though, he didn't want her traveling in the matter if she was so disgusted by him, loving her was something he stopped fighting a long time ago.  So deep in thought he didn't notice she had placed herself in front of him.  Her glorious eyes pleading for something...

"D'Angelo it's not for the reasons you think- I never stopped loving you.  I will always love you.  I just...I am so scared that if you ever didn't want or love's devastating.  I'm sorry...."  D'Angelo couldn't believe what he just heard, as Jacobi turns to go towards his front door, he stops her by pulling her close to his body.  Her back to his hard chest, his arms wrapped around her full breasts.  She gasps.  His hot breath on her ear he whispers, "I have never stopped loving you, mi amor..."

D'Angelo turns Jacobi to him and kisses her hard and passionately.  He tugs at her bun so that her hair slowly falls down to the middle of her back.  He kisses Jacobi breathless.
"I have missed you so, mi amor"  He says in between kisses on her neck.  He lifts her so her shapely legs are wrapped around his waist.
"I have missed you love."  Jacobi moans.  At that moment D'Angelo knew they would never make it to his bedroom.  He roughly leans Jacobi's back against the wall closest to the sculpture he called "Mine" which was basically Jacobi's silhouette.
Thankfully Jacobi was wearing a dress so D'Angelo ripped her lacey boycut underwear and began massaging the place he wanted to spend hours reconnecting with.  She moans and grows wetter.  This causes him to throb with anticipation, just wanting to lose himself in her.
He feels her using her feet to maneuver his drawstring lounge pants down.  He chuckles, "You want this..."  He rubs the tip of his manhood against her causing her to writhe...
"Yes, please..." she moans, " I need it, D."  With that he slides into her, stretching her, gritting his teeth because she felt so good.  The heat of his manhood caused Jacobi to arch her back and slide herself down to his base causing him to grunt.
"I am going to fuck till you can't go back to your Toyota Camry life..." D'Angelo bites Jacobi's earlobe and she nips at his neck in response.

3- Leaving

                        The next morning Jacobi was awakened by the smell of coffee and the constant ringing of her cellphone.  She realized she was on a bed, nude and had no idea where the phone was- till she looked over at the nightstand beside the bed.  Gibson's smiling face appeared on the phone screen, she presses the answer button though she had no idea what she would say...

"Gibson...hey..."  Her voice was husky with sleep though she had no idea when she or D'Angelo fell asleep, much less made it to the bed.  She felt horrible, Gibson didn't deserve this...

He audibly sighs, "Jacobi!  Thank goodness...with the storm...and I couldn't get in contact with you..."

"I'm sorry I didn't call you- I had to hide out from the storm."  She feels eyes on her and looks into D'Angelo's handsome face.  He handed her a mug of coffee and then left the bedroom.  "Listen, are you set for heading back to New York?"

"No I'm not because you are not here.  Where are you?  We'll come and get you."

"No, no...I'll come to you."  She gulps her coffee.  Traveling would give her time to think of what she was going to say or do.  She needed more time to figure out she and D'Angelo...and easily break Gibson's heart.  No matter what she had to go back to New York but how would she leave D'Angelo without him taking it personally?

" everything alright?" Gibson asks, always reading her so well.

"Fine, I'll see you soon."

"Come by the inn.  I'll be here with Harlow and The Dark Knight."  They both chuckle.  After hanging up, Jacobi bee-lines to D'Angelo's bathroom to shower and come up with a way to leave him...again.


                     After a soul searching shower, Jacobi finds D'Angelo on his couch reading.  He is shirtless and his long legs are covered in scrub-like pants.  He looks up from his book, his eyes following her every move.  She comes over to the couch and straddles him, this causes him to smile.

"You are leaving me...again."  As he spoke she could feel the deep rumble of his voice through her hands that were placed on his chest.

"I have to go back to New York and straighten out my life...I don't want to come to you a mess-"

"I'll take you any way...again."  He smiles, "You are going back with him?"

"Yes."  He frowns at her response, but begins squeezing and caressing her hips and backside as he thinks.

"I'll give you time to straighten things out...but you will come back to me."

Jacobi leans down to kiss his soft full lips, "I will always come back to you."

The End...for now.  We will catch up with D'Angelo and Jacobi soon, but next up we will check in on Harlow and Christaphor in Don't Listen.

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