Friday, September 26, 2014

You Don't Know My Life: "I'm the one you ride..."

Season 4 of Scandal began last night AKA Olivia has found herself another pleasuring White man!  Where are they sold?  First Fitz (before he went rogue bitch) was all about his SUPERPOWERS which happen to be cunnilingus and now she is with Jake who makes her moan and takes her places that Rogue Bitch NEVER did!!!!!!!
Point blank he said: I am the one you're ridin'.

Like Jake, I wish they could've stayed on that island with Liv's hair and all the wine...but effin' Harrison had to maybe die.  I like that Shonda is keeping it open ended in case Columbus gets his life right and can come back.
Besides the usual fuckery...I was mostly distracted by Cyrus's lacefront wig.  WHAT THE FUCK WAS ON HIS HEAD??!!  I feel like he and Portia DiRossi were a before and after!  I couldn't concentrate on shit.
....but then there was Mellie.  Oh Mellie.  You are becoming my FAVORITE character!  Who knew?!  I feel her on so many levels and her 'not here for it' Uggs.  Olivia has gone dick stupid- like WAIT till she finds out her dad (my other favorite, Papa Pope) was behind EVERYTHING!  Even Cy's el horrible lacefront.

My Thursdays are back to being BOOKED- solid as I am also into How To Get Away With Murder with the astonishingly great Viola Davis.  Whew.  My mouth was open a whole lot last night.  Like all the dicks could have been thrown in there and I would not have noticed because these shows were so intense.'s to hoping there are NO MORE SEX SCENES between Quinn and Huck!  Rock on season 4!!!

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