Friday, October 31, 2014

Breathe Again: Added to the LIST of Reasons I Write

Last night I was leaving a bar with some peeps and we were discussing this whole street harassment thing- particularly that video going around with that chick being harassed by what appears to be ONLY men of color.  At first when I watched the video, I related to it so much that I didn't see the lack of white male representation.  Them dudes holler too.
....unfortunately this is me and one of the main reasons I write is because of the perfectly timed randomness that occurs.  So as I am making a statement about how white dudes holler and leer, this black dude rolls up and is like: DAMN! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!
He is speaking to me.  He is actually right next to me speaking in 'caps lock' and 'exclamation'!  We all start to laugh because SHIT my point just choked on a dick.
This dude didn't care WHY we were laughing or why I was exasperated- he then added: I CAN BREATHE AGAIN THANKS TO YOU.  YOU ARE A BREATH OF FRESH AIR!!

I reference Toni Braxton and then we move away from the dude.

File this under: I Cannot

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