Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Reasons Why I Write: Being Called Beyonce`....

So there I am walking when I overhear a guy say: ugh, and now here's Beyonce stalking me again.
I look at him thinking what grown ass man-
He is looking at me and then he smirks n' winks to reaffirm that he was talking about ME.

Granted the dude was white so the whole 'we all look alike' thing could be at play, but:



The only similarities are we are both light skinned black women and we are mega-stars.
...the dude was most likely giving me a compliment, but unlike most women, I don't think Beyonce is the finest woman that ever walked- she is attractive, but people need to calm down.
THEN them un-retouched pics of her came out with her skin looking like the moon's surface.  NOW I am offended if he thinks I look like an un-retouched Beyonce!  My skin really is FLAWLESS so he better don't.

In any case, I left the guy all confused because he thought he would at least get a smile from me, but all he got was a blank stare followed by a grimace.  Maybe he'll have more luck with the next one...

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