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Hard Heat: A Chronicle of Cashmere Series-Don't Calliente Rain on my Parade

I know- it has taken me SO LONG to get back to my summer romance series.  Summer is effin' OVER- well summer 2014.  In any case, I have resolved my summer romance series- Hard Heat! We laughed, we loved, we cried...we boned.
You can see the beginnings of both story lines here and here.

I am starting a vampire series next!  Woot.

1- Memories

                D'Angelo was almost lulled by the beep of the monitors.  Almost because then he would remember that the beeps monitored the love of his life's heartbeat.  Then he remembered why she was in the hospital in the first place, and he would almost get blackout angry.  Getting blackout angry wouldn't help, not as much as holding her hand like he was now.  Her beautiful face swollen and bruised, the only visible signs of her accident.  'A miracle' the doctors kept repeating.  A miracle she only went as far as the hood of the car when she landed, not thrown so far that she hit a tree.  Another miracle being that she suffered minimal internal bleeding.  She did suffer head trauma, but overall she is a living, breathing (on her own) miracle.
D'Angelo stands and stretches, he bends down and kisses Jacobi's forehead.  Though he hated to leave her, he needed to make to his daily rounds to check on Gibson's progress.  Gibson didn't sustain many injuries, he was just in shock which made him unresponsive.  D'Angelo offered to hit him numerous times to see if he would respond to that, but the doctors said that wouldn't help.
As he nears Gibsons room, he sees his mother, his sister Harlow and her boyfriend Christaphor.  They stop speaking when they see D'Angelo.  Harlow walks over to him with a worried expression on her face.

"Hi D'Angelo.  How is Jacobi?"  Harlow asks, Christaphor moves with her.  Her constant shadow, D'Angelo almost smiles to himself.

"The same.  Is your brother well enough to go jail?"

"Doctors says he should be released by the end of this week.  Until Jacobi comes to- this is being viewed as an accident so-"

"If he is not out of town immediately after he is released- let's just say we don't know what other accidents he may get involved in..."  D'Angelo crosses his arms over his broad chest and begins to walk away.  He almost crashes into a doctor who is running towards him-

"Mr. Santos, I am so glad I found you- Jacobi is awake."  Without a word, D'Angelo takes off towards her floor and room.  Harlow and Christaphor follow, but motion for her mother to stay.

When D'Angelo reaches Jacobi's room, he releases the breath he had been holding in since he first found out about the accident.  Her brown eyes stare out of a window.

"Jacobi..." D'Angelo says as he takes her hand and kisses it.  Jacobi snatches her hand away.

"Who are you?"  Her voice is harsh whisper.  At this point the doctor, Harlow and Christaphor are standing in the room.  D'Angelo is stunned silent.

"Mr. Santos, I wanted to let you know that Ms. Garrett is suffering from mild amnesia.  I have explained to her why she is in the hospital and who you are-" The doctor says.

"You're my boyfriend, D'Angelo?"  She eyes him up and down, "I have excellent taste"

Harlow notices that D'Angelo is not reacting, "Hi Jacobi...I'm-"

"You're Harlow.  Sister of Gibson the jerk who landed me here."  Jacobi says, "Ah, and there is the Dark Knight, always close.  Always hovering."  Jacobi then goes back to eyeing D'Angelo appreciatively
Christaphor whispers to himself ' I don't hover.'  Harlow squeezes his shoulder and gives him a nod like 'yeah you do'.  His eyes smolder, looking from her hand on his shoulder and then back to her eyes, it had been a while since she had even touched him.  A day was too long for him.

D'Angelo finally shakes out of this daze, "You don't remember me, but you remember them and Gibson?"  The pain in his voice made both Harlow and Christaphor cringe with sympathy.

"I want to remember you, I really do."  Jacobi sighs and squeezes her eyes shut.

"Perhaps we should let Ms. Garrett rest..."  The doctor says.

"I am not leaving until she leaves this hospital."  D'Angelo says.  Jacobi opens her eyes to look at him, D'Angelo's intense stare causes her heart to race.  Which caused the monitor to beep.

"Well that is up to Ms Garrett really..."  The doctor looks at Jacobi.

"Please leave D'Angelo and come back tomorrow.  Harlow, can you stay a few moments please."  She avoids looking at D'Angelo because the pain in his eyes was a little too much for her.  After a few moments, D'Angelo walks out of the room along with Christaphor.

Harlow pulls a chair closer to the bed, "What's up?"

"I remember everything about the accident- your brother drove off the road-"

"Shit....I am so sorry."

"You need to get him help or something.  I can't say I won't press charges-I just don't know.  This whole forgetting D'Angelo thing has me feeling messed up.  Like I can tell he loves me just by looking at him, but why do I remember everything but him?"

"I don't know.  You left my brother for him and appeared to have loved him...I think you guys dated before you met Gibson..."  Harlow couldn't imagine what Jacobi was going through.  What if she were to forget Christaphor?!  Actually, Christaphor wouldn't let that last for too long- he would do some type of brain extraction thing....she sighed.  She loved her controlling sometimes freak of a boyfriend.

Jacobi and Harlow chatted for a few more minutes before Harlow met up with Christaphor and D'Angelo, who seemed to be getting on fine.

"Hey..." Harlow squeezes D'Angelo's broad shoulder, she then leans into Christaphor who puts an arm around her shoulders.  He smiles broadly, and though she was still freaked out by what he had done, she loved seeing that smile again.

"What did you two discuss?"  D'Angelo asks.

"You.  She knows you love her and is just frustrated as to why she can't remember you.  Give her some time- come, take Christaphor and I to your favorite place to eat around here."  

D'Angelo smiled, he appreciated Harlow and even Christaphor.  He would give Jacobi her space for the night, but in the morning he would be back to begin the fight for her memories.


After a rustic Italian dinner Harlow and Christaphor returned to the bed n' breakfast they were staying in.  As uncomfortable as their situation should feel, it was a pleasant dinner.  Harlow could see how Jacobi could fall for a man like D'Angelo- he was passionate, funny and wickedly smart.  Sure it was at the expense of her brother's heart, but some things cannot be helped.
She looks at Christaphor who was staring her longingly again.

"It was a nice night, considering..." He says, and goes to prepare the couch again.  Christaphor hated sleeping a part from Harlow, but she needed space.  If space would  eventually bring her back in his arms, then this will all be worth it.
He notices that Harlow is sitting on the edge of the couch.

"I don't fully understand your crazy, but I get that it's your crazy way to show you care-"  She leans into Christaphor who is now sitting beside her.

"I care for my shirts. I love you.  I am in love with you."  Harlow found it quite comforting how sure he sounded.  He sounded definite.

She leans closer and kisses his neck, he almost growls with pleasure.  "Why don't you show me how much you love-"  Her full lips were covered by his before she could even finish the sentence.

2- Letting Go

                   Patience.  This was a virtue D'Angelo was consistently learning from Jacobi.  This seemingly never ending lesson in patience that was their relationship was starting to make D'Angelo question it.  It had been weeks since initially finding out about Jacobi's memory loss- well the fact that she didn't remember him.  He was starting to take it as a sign.  A hurtful sign.
When he wasn't brooding, he hung out with Christaphor and Harlow who were helping to adjust Jacobi.  In any other situation he would never have thought they would all get along so well, but they did.  He grew to value their friendship...along with feel pangs of jealousy at how in love they were.  They were intense and passionate, and really only at ease when the other was near.  D'Angelo remembers mocking them with Jacobi (when she could remember him), but now he longed to be them.
He sat alone in the back of his car repair shop dreading going home to an empty cabin or worse yet having Harlow, Christaphor and Jacobi there, everyone trying to put on a show.  Everyone trying to remind Jacobi that she loved him.
He sighs.
Tonight, he decides he will sleep at the shop and tomorrow before he can think about it any further, he'll let Jacobi 'off the hook'.  The fact that she was alive was enough for him.  She didn't need to be with him if it was not where she belonged.  He shivers at the thought of letting her go again.


                Harlow tried calling D'Angelo a fourth time and again it went straight to voicemail.  She looked from Jacobi to Christaphor who both had expectant looks on their faces.

"He still isn't picking up."  She says, she almost couldn't blame him.  Harlow could feel the pain coming from him, he was just so hurt- and though she knew Jacobi couldn't help it and this was her brothers fault....arms are around her, Christaphor's.  Seems she has started crying again.  This happened when he didn't pick up the second time.
"Sorry...I am never this weepy, must be hormones...."  She then does some calculating in her head and realizes she should be on the second day of her period.  Stress, stress was a bitch.  Though she really didn't feel that stressed- she was able to work well from Vermont.  Christaphor didn't have many issues working from Vermont either, but he was leaving in the morning to attend a meeting he just couldn't miss.  Of course he was trying to convince her to come with him, but she knew she couldn't leave Jacobi yet.  The look of alarm whenever she does mention leaving, let Harlow know that Jacobi just wasn't ready.  Imagine leaving a life behind to start a new one and then forgetting it- you would feel lost.  Harlow wasn't sure if she should even suggest Jacobi coming back to New York, actually she didn't want to give up on she and D'Angelo.

Harlow's reverie as Christaphor held her and murmured sweet nothings in her ear was cut short by Jacobi saying,"I don't blame him."

"What do you mean?  You think he is not picking up purposefully?"  Harlow asks.

"Would you blame him?  He has been at my beck and call for weeks now...just hoping.  He has to watch me have moments with you guys and be awkward with him- the hugs at the end of the night as I leave with you guys...they are just worst.  Listen...I am going to go-"

"Where Jacobi?"  Christaphor asks, he still holds Harlow as he turns to Jacobi, prepared to stop her if he had to.

"I am going to his-our house to wait for him.  I'll make a nice dinner or something...he deserves something nice."  She gathers a few things, "Thanks you guys...really...for everything."  She smiles and then leaves.

"I am going to call his shop just to make sure he heads home."  Harlow says as she dials.

"Are you going to be able to handle the call without sobbing?"  Christaphor smirks as she elbows him and moves away to the couch.

Harlow let's the phone ring twice, on the third ring she gave Christaphor a dirty look as she felt her eyes well up again.  He hands her a tissue.  She snatches it from his hand, and then someone picks up the other line- "Hello?!  D'Angelo?"

He sighs deeply, "Yes, Harlow...I have noticed your calls, but have been busy."

"Okay...but you are going home now?  We aren't coming...but Jacobi is on her way there.  Just go home."

D"Angelo is quiet awhile, "I just-"

Harlow repeats, " Go home."

"Okay..." He says quietly and hangs up.

Harlow looks at Christaphor and smiles, "He is going home and they will be alone-"

"Are you going to break out into poetry?  If so, I will leave tonight."  Christaphor smiles and pulls Harlow in for a hug.

"Speaking of poetry...we are alone..."

"If this poetry involves nudity and sounds more like grunts than words, I am in."  He begins leading her into the bedroom, Harlow squeezes his hand and follows.

"The dark knight is in, twilight's sin and so we begin..."  Harlow begins laughing as Christaphor begins tickling her.

3-  Happily Ever After?

                D'Angelo takes a deep breath as he enters his home only lit by candlelight.  He looks for Jacobi in the shadows, but hears noises coming from the kitchen.  He walks towards the sounds and finds Jacobi swaying her hips to music in her head and chopping vegetables for a sauce she was making.
He felt his heart skip a beat- was her memory back, was she his again?

"Jacobi..." He had to lean against the doorway when she turned around and their eyes met, It wasn't recognition he saw, he saw destiny...passion.

"I wasn't sure you would come...I hoped, but I wasn't sure."

"Why weren't you sure?"

She bites her bottom lip, "I just felt as if you've given up...though I wouldn't blame you."

"I wouldn't call it giving up, just letting you go."  He sees the pain in her eyes briefly, then she steps closer to him.  He pulls her close before she can hesitate.
When Jacobi wraps her arms around D'Angelo she almost felt a warm calm come over her.  It felt so familiar and wonderful.  She kissed him because it was something she had wanted to do for so long.  The kiss awoke something in her...a longing.  She realized that though her mind didn't remember him, her body longed for D'Angelo.

They came up for air, panting and unable to look away from each other, "I need to turn off my sauce..."

"Are you smells good."  He smirks, revealing his dimple.  Jacobi feels herself melt a little.

"I am sure- something inside me remembers you and wants you, and right now that is more important than this sauce."  She leaps into his arms and wraps her legs around his waist.

"Definitely more important than the sauce."  He kisses her breathlessly.


Harlow stared at her phone willing herself to call Christaphor.  Knowing him, he would call shortly anyway.  He would be coming back to Vermont in a few hours, and though she managed to avoid his calls throughout the day, she knew her luck would run out.  He would just appear even sooner- maybe she wanted that.
Then again, she wanted to call him and tell him the news because a small part of her wanted to give him an out.  She still couldn't believe how obsessed with her he was-it was understandable, but she just couldn't believe it.  It was fear.  Fear that this person she loved may freak out and run for the hills.  Though 'freaking out' and Christaphor did not go- her phone rings and it is Christaphor.
Harlow sighs and picks up.

"You knew if you didn't pick up I would land my helicopter on the top of that damned bed and breakfast-"  He sounded his usual irritated with her.

"Listen...are you sitting down?"

"I am sitting in my car being driven to the helipad so I can get back to you and remind you how to use your iPhone."

"I am pregnant."  She heard him intake air and then she almost thought he hung up, but he hadn't.  He was just really quiet.  Harlow let him have his moment of silence to really soak it in.
It was still sinking in with her.  She would be someones mother.  Then she thought of Christaphor becoming someones father- she envisioned the castle he would build with full moat to protect them from the world.

"You are positive?"  He sounded his normal even tone, just less irritated with her.

"Positive I am pregnant, not sure about the father though...could've been-"

"Don't.  How far along?"  The irritation came back a little.

"A few weeks, so we can't really tell anyone...that's what I hear."

"I will see you soon.  I love you."  The click sound the phone made Harlow finally pull her phone away from her ear.  Truly, she knew that was how it would go.  Christaphor was very internal and was probably 'freaking out' in his own way.  This probably required a more intense brooding and perhaps some ruffling of his hair.


The steady rise and fall of D'Angelo's chest lulled Jacobi.  Her head upon a perfectly sculpted pec.  He was sleeping and she was reliving their passionate evening- never wanting to forget.  She may not remember her past with D'Angelo, but she was excited about their future.  In the few weeks she has gotten to know him, Jacobi saw the man that he was- the caring, the complexity...and the simple way he looked at her.  She sighs.

"What are you thinking about?"  His voice is deepened and husky with sleep.

"Us,  Life."  She looks up at him, "Don't let me go..."

He kisses her, "Never."

"Let's get married and make babies-in case I have an accident and forget, they will help with forcing me to remember."  She smiles.

"Funny.  If that is what you want then I will be happy to oblige-"  D'Angelo is cut off by Jacobi kissing him.  If he thought he was happy before when she had her memory, nothing compared to knowing that she didn't remember him and yet loved him as fiercely as if she did.
He felt he was the luckiest man alive.


The last thing Harlow remembered was calling Christaphor- possibly grabbing a snack- but she certainly didn't remember passing out on the couch.  Something woke her up though, she was in a deep sleep.  When she fully opens her eyes, she realizes what her 'alarm' was, it was Christaphor sitting on the coffee table by the couch where she lay, just staring at her.  A slow smile appears when he sees that she's awake.

Harlow stretches, "Hey, when did you get here?"

"I've been here for an hour.  I didn't want to wake you- you smile a lot in your sleep."  He touches her cheek and Harlow touches his hand that caressed her cheek.

"You are so creepy.  I was probably dreaming about fried chicken-"

"Are you having cravings?  I can have all the chicken you want -"  He quiets down when Harlow sits up and then goes to sit on his lap.

"Calm down.  For the next few months I am going to need you to calm your crazy so I have my crazy moment...okay?"  She kisses his cheek.  He smiles and nuzzles her neck.

"Okay.  I am very, very happy, Harlow."

"It's crazy, but I am too.  I am going to be someones mother."

"First you're going to be someones wife..."  He pulls out a ring box from his pocket.  He opens it revealing an exquisite pink diamond surrounded by miniature white ones.  Harlow gasps.

"You are so traditional, Mr. Halo."

"Harlow Johns will you do me the honor of being my wife?"

"Even if I tried to say no-"


"Yes!  Of course, your my baby daddy...and my love."  She kisses him, and he slides the ring on her finger.
Christaphor felt as if he was exploding into a million pieces yet he was still held together by his Harlow, he looked into her shining grey eyes and saw where he began and ended.


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