Wednesday, April 8, 2015

It's Weird...

Okay, I think I have told a few people this, but I weirdly have a crush on Bobby Flay.  When you look up 'my type', you would NEVER see him.  He is pale, freckly (though I have freckles too, but I am CUTE n' golden), a red head....the list goes on.
...but something about the way that man holds a spatula.  Or the devilish gleam in his beady eyes...or that Long Island accent (which normally makes me SO dry)...
Bobby Flay is an anomaly wrapped in skirt steak infused with bacon.
I'm not saying I'd love him, but I'd definitely let him marinate in my sugar walls.  Let him GRILL and CHILL all up in my feminine quarters.  Would definitely BEAT Bobby Flay!!
...ok, I'll stop.
I don't know when my love for him will stop though.... le sigh.

The above pic is perfection because he is holdin' meat! AHHHHHHH...alright, I'll stop.

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