Monday, April 27, 2015

You Don't Know My Life: Morgan Came Back and Jake's Not Dead

The season finale of The Walking Dead happened, and one must always prepare themselves for a character you enjoy (or don't) meeting a gruesome DEATH.  Fortunately, this didn't happen.  In fact, they brought an awesome character BACK.
The beloved Morgan!
He and Rick have finally reunited (and it feels sooooo good)...though they may be on different wavelengths.  Morgan is on this spiritual 'I don't have to kill people' plane and Rick is on 'the people need killin'....especially if they stand in the way of the nani I am fittin' to get into.
Basically Morgan walked in on Rick killing a dude who needed killing.  Perhaps once Morgan understands the scenario he'll be aight with it.
I thought Glenn was going to be killed, and then I would be so SAD...but he's alive.
Another person who I thought was going to die but wouldn't be sad about was the preacher dude AKA Mr. Cries & Sweats.  Somehow he's still alive and sitting in a prayer circle with Maggie and Sasha.
I guess in the zombie apocalypse hipsters are going to do well because we have two more- them wolves guys- who have set massive traps using zombies and EDM.  Totally annoying, but I guess they will be the major story line next season...that and MORGAN BEING BACK. Also, will Rick bone the chick who's husband he killed?  Most likely.  It's not Michonne so I have no interest. what if Michonne and MORGAN get together?!! Ahhhhhhhh  #BlackLoveInTheApocalypse

Speaking of Black Love- Olivia Pope has decided to take on a black LOVAHHHH!  Though he is a Papa Pope minion so it's not gonna work- I told her to go SAMOAN.  Just totally change the game.  Anyways, this season has been INTENSE and A LOT. I was out of my seat (and mind) when I thought Jake had been killed off.  Thankfully he's still alive.  I have stopped calling him Noel so you KNOW that his near death has affected me!
I don't understand what's going to happen to end this season- we have two eps left- but I know I won't see it coming and I will be upset.

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