Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Guide To Cashmere: Why? Pt. 1

Why is Cashmere's face like that/ why is she 'crabby'?

  1. I am not here for it.  This is broad and could mean anything/everything.  Mostly it means your bullshit.  If your tone is on a fuck level, I will not entertain it because I cannot just punch you in the face.  Being grown means not punching everyone in the face....but wanting to.
  2. It can all be a lot.  Sure everyone is going through their own shit at different times and we all handle it differently.  I definitely meditate, walk, drink, laugh, hang with homies, etc. to keep me sane and the stress levels on low.  Sometimes it can all be too too much- for instance, I have the normal paying bills and being broke thing....but then I had/have the being entirely too busy at my job, death in family, normal 'being my feelings like Drake' ish, the MTA commute, people are pieces of shit, etc.
  3. The MTA Commute.  I don't think I need to elaborate.  If you live in New York City and have to take the subway on a daily basis, you know how much it all SUCKS.  We spend all this money on pissy smells and guys leering at you stroking themselves through their pants. Ugh.
  4. People are pieces of shit.  Again, I shouldn't have to elaborate...but...yeah, for the most part, people are the worst.  Once in a while you can meet incredible beings or you know them already....but mostly...MOSTLY, people are the fucking worst.  
  5. #BlackLivesMatter. With all the recent shit going with black people getting killed by police/random white people, etc., which has caused white people to become uncomfortable with all this talk of race n' shit and therefore reflecting on their privilege-whew- it weighs heavy on my head and heart.  Especially when I have to see this privilege every day or hear coworkers discuss their shitty conservative views.  It is getting harder to have hope and not HATE THE WORLD.  Why would I want to have children?  Why would I want to believe in anything good????
  6. Lack of sleep.  Sleep is my homie and when I lose it for too many days in a row, then it makes for a crabby Cashmere.
  7. I need a vacation.  Ugh, but it takes planning and shit....BUT I will be going somewhere this fall, just have to figure out WHERE.
  8. Because....fuck you and choke on a dick.

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