Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Dilemma

It's not really that deep- in fact my fucks given is on low.  
You see I want to check out Dancing With The Stars occasionally because the LEGEND Chaka Khan is on it and Bindi Irwin- who I think is just the cutest thing! (I know, I am FULL of surprises)  The thing is, I don't watch DWTS in general because...why?  But then this year they have Kim Zolziak (sp) and Paula Deen on the show.  I don't think I need to explain why either of these hoes are problematic for me.
So there I am wanting to see Chaka but have to endure that 'monkey with a wig' (a Nene Leakes quote) (FUCK I just quoted Nene Leakes) and Ms. I Wish I Could Get Married Again So I Can Have A Slavery Themed Reception!
I love how easily forgiven SOME people are while others just aren't.  Like people are staging protest against Michael Vick joining the Pittsburgh Steelers when they have a known rapist, Ben Rapistberger, on their team...who they celebrate!

I dunno.  After watching the first episode, I don't think Chaka will be on there long.  Bindi looks like she'll be a star- it won't be enough for me to make an effort to watch this though.

Oh well.

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