Friday, September 25, 2015

You Never Know Who You're Impressing

Everyone (well most) can appreciate a compliment.  I am always humbled by the ones I receive especially when they are random and not about how AMAZING I look ( I mean.... #facts).
Today while at work someone came over to my desk- this is a person I enjoy chatting with so they were greeted with a smile. know I just wanted to say, when I saw you walking into the building yesterday I thought to myself how graceful and sophisticated you looked.

I stare- not really a blank stare- just kinda like 'woah'.

Me: Thank you...

Person: I am not talking about clothing-wise, but how you carry yourself.  I noticed how you just carry yourself well...

Me: Wow, that is just a great thing to hear.  A supreme compliment.  Thank you.

Person: You're very welcome- it's just a rare and great thing to see with people.  An innate confidence.

The person walks away.
I am sitting there like- wow.  You never know what people notice about you or how you affect them.  There I am just walking into work thinking I am waving hello to a coworker not knowing that I was making a profound impression.

It's funny because I have been having conversations lately about confidence and comfort in ones skin.  A lot people overcompensate for their lack of self love AND humility (it's a clever mix) by being annoying assholes.  They are not funny, they are not endearing, they don't have a certain charisma that makes people want to be around them.  They just find meaning in selfies and in whomever they can convince to be their 'friends'.  People who look at myself standing alone- cuz I'd rather be alone than among dumbasses- and think I am lonely or seek what they have.
If you're reading my blog, you know that is not the case.

Anyways, that unexpected and profound compliment has me feeling mighty fine.  My wish for you, my 2 to 3 readers- is that you find some comfort in being yourself.
Unless you're a Kardashian.  Then kill yourself.

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