Wednesday, November 4, 2015

No, No, Nooooo Rihanna

This is tough because I love Rihanna.  I love the way she looks, the way she dresses, her 'no fucks given' attitude...she is cool as hell.  When I think 'singer',  Rihanna is not the first person who comes to mind...she is not the second or even fifth person that comes to mind.
Rihanna can carry a tune, but let's be real, she is in that J-Lo school of ' I can do a pop or dance track but don't look to me for some notes and SANGIN'.
They try....they always try with a ballad- and I applaud RiRi for getting some vocal training so when she sang songs like 'Stay' and 'Diamonds' she sounded decent.  Even live!

Then this happened...
I guess Rihanna appeared on The Voice as a vocal coach (I don't watch that which is wrong for MANY reasons- and I GUESS she was aiding the contestant with singing Amy Winehouses's 'Back to Black'.  Do you see how the contestant goes into automatic nod n' smile mode because she knows deep down this is some BULLSHIT. At least she was raised right because my face would've been all-

....... WE ALL know how I feel about Amy.  I have established that I am cool with Rihanna- but NO.  RiRi find yourself an Alexander Wang and SIT DOWN.  You DO NOT try to sing notes...or the song of REAL singers .  There will be no Aretha Franklin or Adele covers in your future. NO!  That wench Beyonce` had to learn the hard way too- you leave Amy the eff alone!  Her voice was distinctive and amazing and VERY FEW people in the industry can cover her.  Or should attempt to cover her.  I say this because there are very few SINGERS in the industry.
I was offended by that Rihanna clip...and then Pharrell adding his negative 3cent notes.  STOP IT!

Do not let anything like this happen again! someone explain why Rihanna was anyones vocal coach!

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