Monday, December 28, 2015

Life Tracks

I meant to comment on this WEEKS ago...but you know the whole life thing.

So Oprah and Shonda Rhimes came out and were like- nah I'm good and don't EVER want to get married.  They both continued to be my heroes.  Just to do what you love and to be able to buy and sell people.  Whew.  Okay, I don't need all the wealth...just not to have to worry about money.  Also, to arrive on the backs of unicorns that look like Phil Donahue- which is what I imagine Oprah does.
We (women) are made to feel that if we aren't married by a certain age that something is WRONG with us or if we don't care to have children then we are less than.
I am by no means as accomplished as Oprah and Shonda, but have always felt I could give or take marriage and kids.  Not ruling it out, but not really caring if it happens.
...and if you REALLY wanna make my blood boil try to make me feel like I am some fugly spinster who can't find a man, that my aloofness and lack of fucks somehow make me less 'man friendly'.
Fuck that shit.
ANYONE.  I mean ANYONE can get married.  This gets proven everyday day.
ANYONE. I mean ANYONE...barring medical issues, can have a baby!
This doesn't make you special.  Doesn't make you part of some down ass club.  You just made a choice (or had one made for ya) and went with it.
I don't explain myself to people anymore...cuz I don't care, but for the most part I am around people who don't involve themselves with my vagina and what it chooses to do.

The world in it's current state is both scary and fascinating.  Here we are telling women- seriously, do what you feel with your life and don't feel accountable to peoples feelings about SHIT.  Like a man would.
I have always had these feelings...and I get that face people make when they feel like they should feel sorry for me, but I just shrug and get real quiet.  That's when I start thinking about my next meal or if animals shade other animals on a regular basis- I mean, cats definitely shade the fuck out of everyone, but if there are a pack of wolves chillin' and this new wolf comes through and his fur is not on fleek will they just howl and roll out...or howl and beat that ass?

My wedding and seed dropping would only be for my ego.  I want a great party with cake...and a pretty dress, but I don't like ANYONE enough to marry them.  With a kid, I mean these cheekbones need to be carried I would raise a kick ass kid, but that shit is HARD AS FUCK.  Plus without a dude I would actually like long enough to have a kid would be TOO hard.  I don't pretend to be 'single mother do everything for her children who gets a song written about her' type of woman.  I am selfish as fuck and don't let me catch a sale at H&M- lil so and so has to EAT?  Today?
...that's when people try the 'oh having a kid will change you...blah blah blah'
What if I like who I am now, huh?!
I am fucking awesome.

All this to say that Oprah and Shonda are awesome.  You don't have to be as successful as they are (on their OWN with no dude) to feel that marriage and/or kids are not for you.  Live your life- I would say like a dude, but we are far more advanced so...
Also, do not question or assume shit about people who don't seem to be 'on track'.  Just fuck off and focus on the track you chose.

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