Wednesday, December 30, 2015

My Year In Music: 2015

Music is a big deal to me.  It calms, it ignites and it makes me pop my ass.  2015 was another year of growth and change,  a year of figuring shit out...and continuing the practice of the art of letting go.  The world is shitty with minor glimmers of magic and I realized that Drake is alright with me.
My year in music may not read like the COOLEST THING EVER, but these songs got me through.  The list may not be on trend because I listen to a lot of old shit because it is BETTER.

Anyways, here is my year in music- I decided not to post all the videos because you can find that ish on your own, except for one VERY SPECIAL song...because that song is very special.

  • "And I Drove You Crazy"- Banks: this song because it is sexy as hell and I could relate to Banks lyrics.  I drive dudes crazy all the is just how I do.
  • "Rewind"- Kelela: I LOVE KELELA.  the beat just makes you wanna dance and be cute.  it's sexy af!
  • "Fantasy"- Alina Baraz & Galimatias: woah...again this song is sexy af (I am a sensual creature) and oh so chill.  it helps to ease my train rides which mean no one has to DIE!
  • "Hotline Bling"- Drake: '...started wearing less and going out more; hanging with some girls i've never seen before...'. also, the videos and the memes!!  sad, stalker Drake makes for a great song.
  • "Yoga"-Janelle Monae featuring Jidenna: this song was all about sexy Black girl MAGIC!  it's fun and makes me just wanna twerk slowly while Michael BAE Jordan is watching and nodding slowly.
  • "Omen"-Sam Smith/Disclosure: I love Sam Smith.  I love Disclosure.  this song makes we wanna dance and get sweaty in a club-like I used to.  back in my 20's when I was more carefree and willing to be among people.
  • "Here"-Alessia Cara: the girl who sings this is a teenager and I FEEL HER.  I have been out of my teenage years for a minute and I STILL feel this way!  like all the time.  this song is just me...and I think there is a Portishead sample which speaks to my 90's teen angst.
  • "Planes"-Jeremih featuring JCole: this song! I LOVE IT! the JCole part is 'meh', but the song is SO GOOD that I barely notice enough to hate.
  • "No Sleep"-Janet Jackson featuring JCole: Janet is QUEEN. she is legend.  she is everything.  if you want a smooth jammy jam she is your WOMAN!  JCole is excellent on this too!
  • "Truffle Butter"-Nicki Minaj/Drake/Lil Wayne:there is not much that needs to be said. this song is just the shit.
  • "Feelin' Myself"- Nicki Minaj featuring Beyonce`: I KNOW.  I know.  the song is dope tho...
  • "Bitch Better Have My Money"-Rihanna: I mean...#NoExplanations
  • "WTF"-Missy Elliot: Missy is LEGEND.  she is an ICON.  this song makes me feel like I am a professional.  I think I popped so hard to it that I hurt my back for a week...*le sigh*
  • "Can't Let the Head Go"-Khia: there is not much to say... so watch this.
  • OH-I posted this and forgot "Earned It"- The Weekend: I give no fucks about The Weekend but this song is legit as hell!

Cheers to 2016!  May it be tremendous!  

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