Monday, January 4, 2016

Cannot Make These Things Up...

Today has reached HIGH fisting levels.  It is a Monday- the Monday back from vacation- and it is COLD AS HELL.  It is like winter is finally saying 'take that, take that'!
For the most part I have just done my usual...stay in my lane and make fun of people.  Gotta laugh to keep from kicking people in the ankles.
Then this afternoon a moment that truly defines the day (and also the times we are in) happened.

Backstory: A month or so ago we fired one of our IT guys.  He happened to have been Asian.  Due to his personality and the whole IT thing they put his pic up at the building security desk.

Flash forward to now- we have hired a graphic designer for our marketing department who shares a passing resemblance to the fired IT guy.  To be clear they are both Asian- but that is NOT the reason they share a passing resemblance. They have a similar hairstyle, dress style, height, etc.
My department is in charge of getting new employees their ID cards so when security brings it up they are giving them either to me or my coworker.  This new security dude we call Old Man River II- Old Man River I apparently 'moved on'.  It took me a week to confirm that he is STILL ALIVE.  These dudes are OLD.  Like I make conversations quick because I cannot deal if they died on my watch!
Anyways, Old Man River II rolls up with the new dudes ID....and is holding a pic of the fired IT guy....because he wanted to confirm they we did NOT HIRE THE SAME GUY AGAIN or were fooled by some new fangled plastic surgery!!!

As my coworker was telling me this I was yelling at her to stop her LIES! Then we both said that was some of the most racist shit we encountered TODAY. Ha!  It's only Monday though...

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