Monday, August 22, 2016

A Chronicles of Cashmere Series: Z is for Zayn

** Gotta keep it light for the summa with a little Zayn Malik fanfic! Holla!  Nope, I did not go back in a time machine and make myself 16 again.**


  The library seemed like the safest place to be especially when he found a dark corner among 'the stacks'.  "The stacks' where tall bookcases dwelled- as high as the ceiling- filled with books as far as the eye could see.  'No one would find him here' he thought.  Then he trips over a leg, a leg topped off with a nice sneaker.
"Ouch...the fuck..."  A rather melodic female voice says.  She sits up and what he noticed first were her eyes and second, that they lacked any recognition of who he was.

"Sorry."  His voice low and raspy with a British accent.  This caused one delicate eyebrow to raise on her face.  Mikaela was a sophomore at Buffalo State College, and had only heard the hard 'r' of the Buffalonean accent.  This vaguely brown Brit with tattoos that appeared to cover most of his body- or what she could see in his t-shirt- intrigued her.  She wondered why he appeared to be frazzled and hiding out in the stacks of the library.

"As long as you're not here to harm me, then I accept your apology."  She tried to remember a few self defensive moves she learned from the free classes given on campus.
He chuckles causing his already sparkling brown eyes to almost shoot out glitter- Mikaela shook her head, who is this twinkly eyed Brit who has her sounding like a teen romcom.

"No, I am not here to harm you.  I am just trying to hide- and not because I harmed someone."  He smirks.  There were very few people who didn't know who Zayn Malik was so when he came upon this person who seemed to have no clue, he decided that 'hiding' with her would suit him just fine.  He sits cross legged in front of her and almost laughed when he sees her eyes roll.
"I may be overstepping the line, but I think you found the best spot to hide so I'd like to join you. I promise to be quiet."  He does the zipper over his lips thing.  Besides, he wouldn't mind just watching her read.
"I'm Zayn by the way..."  He holds out a tatted hand.

She takes his hand though she still wasn't into him 'hiding' with her, "I'm Mikaela.  Don't speak or creepily stare and you can stay." She thought the name Zayn sounded vaguely familiar but she focused on trying to ignore him and the fact that she wanted to hear his voice.  Maybe look into those sparkling eyes again- she dry heaved a little because she thought she was going to make herself sick.
Her focus fought hard to remain on the book in her hands, but she looked up and saw Zayn's handsome face smiling at nothing in particular.
"Why are you hiding anyways?"  She asks.  She closes her book because she knew it was never getting read, well not until this Zayn fellow was ready to 'un-hide' himself.

"I am doin' a concert here on campus-"

"Please don't tell me you're a rapper..."  There was the eye roll again.

He chuckles, "No, I sing."

"Sorry I don't know who you are...I study a lot."  She shrugs.

"It's great you don't know who I am...believe me-"

"So you're one of those...'oh, fame is too much...all this money, hoes and people caring about my every move' celebrities."

Zayn thought about that for second and realized he did come off like a privileged bloke at times.  "I just need a break once in a while- I won't complain too much, but try having swarms of girls screaming and crying whenever they are in your presence.  Every single time."

"Would this be before or after I counted all my money?"

"Touche`."  He smiles.  "So, all you do is study?  This is college you should be having fun."

"I have my fun...and now I can tell everyone I was hiding in the stacks with Zayn..."

"Malik.  That should add some intrigue...maybe we should find a secret door out and explore...Buffalo."  As he said it, he almost wanted to take it back- but then he realized he really wouldn't mind spending time with this Mikaela and hearing her thoughts on things.  A person who would give it to him straight and not 'yes, Zayn' him to death.  He notices the air becomes a bit cooler and sees Mikaela doesn't appear too happy.

"I can't leave." She practically whispers.  She almost hated how much the thought of walking through Delaware Park with him seemed perfect.  They would talk about nothing and everything.

Zayn stands and holds out a hand to Mikaela- "Come, let's find a side door- I have a feeling you're good at avoiding people."
Mikaela looks at his hand and smiles weakly.  He looked so earnest, she almost stood up...

"I can't...I thought you were hiding out anyways."

He shrugs and sits back down, " You're right.  Let me relish this moment.  I even turned my phone off...I'm afraid to look at it..."

"So don't..."  With that, they proceeded to talk about nothing and everything.  Zayn revealed things he only told close friends and he would stop laughing just to hear her throaty chuckle.  It felt like one of those moments that would be fleeting but neither would forget.  He didn't understand why, but the longer they chatted, the more he felt like he would never see her again.

"Give me your number- so when I am finished performing we or something."  He takes out his phone and squints his eyes shut, the mere thought of all the messages that would appear made him tense.  He didn't wanna leave this space...or Mikaela, but he had to be responsible
He is surprised when he opens his eyes and Mikaela is standing and smiling down at him, her hand held out.

"I'll find you." She leaned in enjoying his warmth...and she went for it, she kissed his cheek.  Zayn felt a tingle where her soft lips touched his face.  He often felt jaded but at that moment he felt himself blush with the flutter of butterflies in his toned belly.

"Okay."  Something told him to say more.  To hold her, but when he opened his eyes, which he didn't realize he was still holding closed, she was gone.  The air still smelled like her.  It smelled like vanilla and ginger.  He sighs heavily and vows to come back here and wait until she appeared again...if she didn't find him as promised.


Zayn was so distracted by trying to get out of his well hidden spot and then out of the library, he almost walked into a wall.  What shook him out of his reverie and thoughts of Mikaela...was Mikaela.  A beautiful portrait of the face he just spent an hour staring at.  He then notices the dates underneath the photo: June 9, 1995- April 10, 2013. Her name was Mikaela Jones.
He feels like he's been punched in the gut.  A librarian appears pushing a cart full of books.

"Are you okay?"  He asks.

Zayn tries speaking several times, but no words come out.  He is just able to point at Mikaela's picture.

"Oh yeah...Mikaela Jones.  Sweet girl.  She worked here at the night some sicko got in and killed her...right in the stacks.  Didn't find her until the next morning...they caught the guy- since then we upped security around here...and named this area 'MJ Stacks'.  Mikaela loved the stacks." The librarian looks at something that isn't there and smiles.  Then he slowly makes his way towards the elevators.


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