Friday, August 12, 2016


It can't be all shit ALL THE TIME....gotta have some light, fun moments to remind me of the tender kitten I ammmmmm.
Recently I went to visit another city that is dear to my heart, Buffalo.  While in Buffalo I discussed with my homie Stacey the journeys of the members of NSYNC.  You see, back in college, Stacey and I were deep into NSYNC.  Am talking two concerts, all the CD's, had to see/tape whenever they were on television...
Mainly our discussion involved figuring out what JC was doing.  I suggested him being a manager at a Guitar Center and Stacey just hoped he was OKAY.
Then his (JC's) birthday came and this happened.....

Justin DOES still take their calls!  Chris looks exactly the same because he has always looked 40!! ...and then there is JC!  He is alive and looks to work as a manager at a Restoration Hardware or an Apple Store.  He looks well.  I LOVE that they hung out on his birthday!  This gave me hope for the world.  This gave me hope for life.
Thank you NSYNC for getting me through college (in a slightly creepy way because most girls at concerts were like 13, but I was always like I CAN ACTUALLY SLEEP WITH THEM) and for now getting me through a world where a dude with an asshole shaped mouth can really run for president.

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