Friday, October 28, 2016

A Chronicles of Cashmere Series: Things Change

**I am going into this only knowing that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is playing Negan on The Walking Dead and that he carries a barbed wire bat named Lucille.  I never read the comics and only care about Negan because sexy ass Jeffrey Dean Morgan is playing him hence this fanfic.  Just know this is coming from an ignorantly imaginative sexy place.**

       Negan sat in the clearing tapping 'Lucille', his bat, against the tip of his boot.  He did this lightly as his favorite toy, this bat, was wrapped in barbed wire.  If one were observing Negan, one would think he was pensive or brooding, it wasn't that deep though.  He just enjoyed the silence.  One of the best things about the zombie apocalypse, besides having the power he had in this life and not the loser garbage truck driver life he led pre-apocalypse- he enjoyed the silence of this world.  You could really sit and think about nothing because there were no sounds.
This quiet also made it easier to hear everything.  To see everything.  He saw her peek from behind a tree twice.  He listened to see if there were more with her, she was alone.
Honay knew the moment he saw her.  She felt it on her skin.  Prickles of danger.  She uses the tree to shield herself again, she did a mental count of the weapons on her...and then she hears the crunch of dead leaves and knows he is close.
She takes in a short breath and comes from behind the tree and almost goes right into Negan's broad chest.  They both take a step back, weapons drawn.  Her machete and his barbed wire bat.  Negan smirks as he eyes Honay up and down, he counted at least three other weapons on her.  Now that he counted her weapons he took in her body.  How she was able to remain firm yet soft in the era of scrawny led him to believe she was a survivor.

"Well, well, well missy, now that ain't polite..."  A smirk never leaves Negan's face.  He likes that she doesn't waver.

"Put yours down first and then maybe I'll be more cordial."  Her voice low and clear.  Honay would cut him in half before he would even swing on her.

"I think we're doing just fine speaking like this.  Now what's a pretty woman like you doing all alone?  You should be nicer and join my team." He wanted her to join just him though, and not just for breeding.  He would take pleasure in her.

"I am not alone and would never join your team."  In a blink of the eye, she slices off Negan's arm that held the bat, then decapitates him.  She shakes the blood off her machete and continues on her way.

The End

**This was GOING to be a normal fanfic where a character that was basically me was going to bone the lead dude I want to bone (on the show), but after watching the season premiere of The Walking Dead and seeing what Negan did to my BELOVED Glen?!!!
Negan does not even deserve my fantasy vag!!!! None of it!  Sure there have been other beloved character deaths- not BETH, sorry, was over her.  'Everybody Hates Chris' and Glen stood out because they just died horribly...they couldn't get bitten and die slowly....or die peacefully in their sleep from food that went bad...
No they had to go in the WORST WAYS!  For that, Negan gets NONE of this 'nani.  Even though actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan can get it EVERY DAY OF THE may dwindle down to every OTHER day because ... Glen!**

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