Wednesday, October 5, 2016

(Throwin' Up) On Trends

I mean I like trends and am smart enough to know what works and what doesn't work...for me.  Being a sometimes judg-y, petty schmuck- I also know what doesn't work for you.
I know, I know.
You are still stuck on me calling myself 'petty' and 'judg-y', me this often highly evolved being....but I am aware enough to know I have my moments (meaning I have listened to the #Solange album).
For instance, last week I was nauseous because two people in my office were wearing kitten heels!

The kitten heel...

Is certainly a thing I will judge you on.  I don't care what age you are...religion, race, trans...there is NEVER A NEED to wear a kitten heel.  You either wear a fucking heel or you don't!  Heels come in various sizes that are acceptable to wear and EVEN be comfortable in.  The 1 inch or 2 inch heel is NOT acceptable.  Nothing 1 inch or 2 inches is ACCEPTABLE! (#Cheeky)
Kitten heels say to me that YOU want to be comfortable BY ANY MEANS (#MalcomX)...but you also want to not be sexually desired nor do you want other women to envy your style!
Its says you give no fux about life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness.
It says you want to make ME sick!

Kitten heels....

They seem to be on trend now...which will make those less inclined to style or care think it is okay to wear them.  IT IS NOT OKAY!  Everything is not for everyone!

Just please...PLEASE don't do it.

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