Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Players of Themselves

This is really happening.
Besides the anger, sadness, hurt, despair- there is this disbelief that donald trump (lowercase because he has not one iota of my respect) is the president of the United States of America aka land of worst and home of the lame.
This horrible turn of events has really brought out the worst in the worst...and the worst in the people that we didn't know were the worst.  So many people that are in the same boat as me, are having to remove people (family and friends) from their social media and real lives because they are coming out trying to defend their trump support.  Of course they are saying nothing of intelligence or value.  Their reasoning lacks any sustenance.  If you support/voted for that man, you are a loud and wrong racist, xenophobe, bigoted piece of shit.
It is really that simple.
There is nothing amusing or cute or OKAY about trump winning the White House.  It is just telling of what a lot of people of color have BEEN saying, this 'post-racial' society we like to think America is, is BULLSHIT.  trump's win is a blaring view of what America is outside of your bubble of cool, diverse people.
I know and have known people who are aware, but have made excuses for their racist ass friends and family- fuck you!
You haven't stood up to these people before, well you sure as hell better do it now or you'll be lumped in with them- not saying anything and not challenging them is what got us into this mess.
I have called people out and you can too!  A simple phrase I utilize that keeps the feelings of confrontation low is: You are not allowed to speak to me anymore.
You say it calm and firm and RIGHT AFTER someone says something fucked up.  You then excuse yourself and that is that.
I don't exert any energy towards these people because with the way the world is, I have to use this energy for bigger fish to fry and keeping my ass off a slave ship.

Now is NOT the time to stay quiet, the loud and wrong are out here feeling quite empowered now that they have deplorable president representing them.  We must stand tall and firm in our being right, smart and decent.  We cannot let them overshadow the good.
These people have played themselves by electing this buffoon and WE are ALL going to pay the price.


  1. Pretty much. I've been living in some rosy colored Obama land for the last 8 years. Sure i knew things were fucked up (look at all the police shootings) but i did not realize the sleeping beast that would awaken when given the chance.

  2. Have poked the sleeping racist bear...