Wednesday, February 22, 2012


B and Jesse, being true friends, staged a mini-intervention today. I guess I have mentioned one too many times that I may have a thing for Bruno Mars. They would have NONE of that and pretty much said that Prince would hate the idea of me even glancing at Bruno Mars.
They boiled it down to 'lil person' swag! Prince has more swag in his boot heel-like the man wears heels because he is short and would TAKE my 5'7" ass. TAKE IT. Jesse even called Bruno dainty...which is true. Bruno Mars would be real tentative about taking my ass.

They really drove home this crush needing to end with a series of Prince gifs.
Like these:

I no longer have any need to put Bruno Mars in my pocket...a pocket of my ass hugging jeggings- Prince and friendship wins!!

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