Friday, February 10, 2012

Gemini Valentine

Yeah, yeah...that DAY is coming up. We all know I could give a fuck!
Anywho, if I were to send a Valentine to a potential boo, it would totally be this one!!!

...if you are male and of sound mind and connect to this...then maybe there is a chance for you to warm my cold, cold black heart.

Courtesy of Freewill Astrology
"I've ghostwritten a personal ad for you to give to your Valentine or potential Valentine: "I'm looking for a free yet disciplined spirit I can roll down hills with on sunny days and solve thorny puzzles with when the skies are cloudy. Can you see the absurd in the serious and the serious in the absurd? Are you a curious chameleon always working to sharpen your communication skills? Might you be attracted to a sweet-talking wise-ass who's evolving into a holy goofball? Emotional baggage is expected, of course, but please make sure yours is organized and well-packed. Let's create the most unpredictably intriguing versions of beauty and truth that anyone ever imagined."

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