Friday, February 17, 2012

Some Thoughts On....Whitney, Breezy, Dudes and Electrical Fires

I am planning a serious blog revamp, but feel the need to share my thoughts on things.
Really, I have been uber busy and not able to dazzle all with my writings. So, I have decided to share thoughts I have had while going for a walk or sitting on the train and then thought: I should blog about that shit!

Here I am...bloggin' about that shit...

- Let me start off by saying electrical fires are no.fuckin'.joke. Unlike Destiny's Child though...I am a SURVIVOR. I survived smoke inhalation, evacuation and a few days in agony, but I am alive and realize the force is strong with me. I am MAY have a strong connection to Whitney Houston because she dies and the SAME day I have an electrical fire??!! AHHHHHH!

- Whitney Houston, the icon...the mutha effin' LEGEND is gone! GONE. I am still in disbelief and just sad that like MJ she leaves us on a low note, but I KNOW she had more high notes than anything, so take that assholes! That voice and her legacy I hope lives on....but she did exemplify something that really irks me about fame now.
People are just intermingling at every level and there was a time when that didn't happen. You had your icons, stars...and then you had everyone else. Like there is NO WAY in a hotdog hell she should've been within 10 feet of Ray J! Sure she and Brandy connected when they made Cinderella, but Ray J??? He should ask to be able to breathe in the same room as a Whitney Houston.
...but what do I know...I am but a mere hater with a new pair of HISPSTER GLASSES!!

- Look, I broke my old glasses. Literally stepped on them after YEARS. YEARS. Then I found these glasses and liked the way they looked- a nice dark tortishell- and then as soon as I did my hair and put on some makeup and I looked at the gallery working/ladies fashion writing/salesperson at TopShop,Uniqlo,H&M,etc. chick looking back at me. A chick who looked smart, but like she cared about the WRONG things.
AHHHHHHHHHH I realized they were hipster specs and thankfully everyone I know is pleased to tell me how hipster they are.
Soon I'll have a meth head boyfriend who lives in an abandoned Japanese hot spring located in Willy B. He'll be an artist who specializes in spray painting roaches and attaching them to canvases in the pattern of constellations.
I will love him for about 3 months.

- At one point this week, possibly due to exhaustion (um, electrical fire), I found myself defending that asshat Chris Brown. People were giving him shit for winning a Grammy and being able to perform. I was all like, that wench Rihanna has forgiven him and he's young and dumb...blah blah....then he goes and just continues being the arrogant asshat that he has always been. Ugh.
I feel like punching myself in the face.

-No seriously, RIP Whitney.

-Dudes. I have gone out on a couple of dates-and am still online though I AM THIS CLOSE to closing my account. Overall I have to say a resounding...meh.
I am so unimpressed by what is going on out there...and though I am not putting myself fully out there, shit I am about to join a convent. Would save money on clothing and at least peeps would treat me nice if I was a nun.
I am giving dudes the sideye. A long one. I am pretty much keeping my distance because y'all are on some bullshit.

-Guys, like I like my job...but sometimes, well most of the time I just think of how nice it would be to not have to deal. We all have work woes, and things are better...but fuuuuuck...
I am THIS close to a new laptop though....onwards and upwards from there.

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