Tuesday, August 14, 2012

As The (Online) Dating World Turns: I Can't...

So I received this message:


Hello what is The deal? You are too funny im.also a tad bit shy but once u get to know me u wont be Able to shut me up anyways read My pro And if u feel me hit me up your definitly My type pretty, funny And from what i can tell from one of your pics swollen all around your collen..lol hurry up And buy

I sat and stared at it for a bit.  Then tried to re-read it without a sense of grammar or world spelling...and just opened my mind.  To the point where a few bats flew out.
I STILL don't understand what dude was trying to say-but I do like and will use that swollen around the colon line because it is kinda genius.

Though I am not a total snobby bitch, I did not write him back mostly because I value my time and didn't wanna spend many more hours trying to decipher WHAT THE FUCK HE IS WRITING!

I want the NEXT person who looks at me and thinks: why is that fantastic woman single??
Just think back to the latinobear and then look back me with my 15 cats and nod n' smile and pass the bucket of nutella. 

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