Monday, August 27, 2012

New Vocab: You Stevie J!

Unfortunately, I have watched a few episodes of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.  Yes, I hate myself too.
It is a show chockful of lowlifes and fuckery.  The epitome of this being Stevie J.  Stevie J does that face above A LOT.  It is his go to face for everything: telling bitches he loves them, closing deals, telling bitches he ain't messing with nobody else, telling his bros that he is fuckin' all the chicks, etc.

When I call a dude a Stevie J, it just means he's crazy.  Not skin stealer crazy, but just narcissistic-ally psychotic! OR slightly off his rocker.  It won't result in murder, but may result in drama and some juicy stories to tell your friends.

For instance, you meet a guy and immediately he is like you're amazing, let's be exclusive!  You think: woah.  You go along with it though because times are tough.  Two weeks later you bump into your guy making out with another chick and when you confront him, he makes the above face and says he was just answering a question her teeth were asking.
Just laugh and say: you're such a Stevie J.

Your life will be much easier, believe me.  Easier and funnier!


  1. oh god!! this made me laugh so hard!! i forgot to breathe!!!!!