Monday, June 20, 2016

You Like Me, You Really Really Like Me

Some people don't realize what they have until it's gone- luckily am constantly reminded of how lucky I am and all that I have.
Me, a wretched goddess of love, joy and hate, who is cared for and by people.  Amazing people.
Last week I sort of celebrated my birthday- like I didn't make it a thing, just told people I was on a staycation so they could have their way with me if they were around.  Now we all know I am a person who values her time...ESPECIALLY alone time, so for me to want to hang out with ANYONE means I really really like you, and because I know people who value their time and have THINGS going on, for these people to put aside time to share a meal, a drink, a laugh...any or all of that with me...whew I am truly blessed.
Each and every day was occupied by someone I love who loves me back...and my bro even hooked me up with a sleek new alarm so that I would always be ON TIME.

Thank you to all who sent love, showed love or just thought about me and kicked someone- I truly appreciate it!!

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