Thursday, July 7, 2011

Conversations In My Head: The Sweater

Most of the time that look on my face isn't gas or the fact that I hate you- I am probably having a conversation in my head. Like this one while I was walking in SOHO this evening (NOT stalking Ami James-NY Ink- who is one of my latest intangible crushes):

I notice a dude walking by me with a full on sweater. It is SUMMER here in New York City.

Voice 1- most likely Samuel L. Jackson (actor): that dude is wearing a sweater. he has to be on heroin.

Voice 2: most likely Jadakiss (rapper): you have on a sweater-

Voice 1: it's a mutha fuckin' cardigan! and NOT a v-neck sweater. that dude is on some smack...

Voice 2: maybe, but do we give a fuck?

Voice 1: nah, fuck that fool. what we eatin'?

Voice 3- most likely Eartha Kitt (actress, singer, extraordinaire, etc.): i'm feelin' rrravenous...maybe something meaty.

Voices 1 and 2: well damn!


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