Wednesday, July 20, 2011

True Blood Season 4 So Far AKA I Wanna Have A 3 Way With Eric and Alcide

I call this my "Hooker, what the fuck?" face! It has been like this since the start of the season. If you watch the show, you know I am talking about 'fucked up fairy world', the fact that NO ONE gives a fuck about Jason and why Bill is the coldest dead dick around!
Still love this show though. Mostly because you're always 5 minutes away from unexpected penetration, spine removal or this....

Eric Northman. I love him- I mean I am pretty much Pam, but like her I owe him fealty...which I would repay with my cooch! That man fine.
You know me, I'm simple. There are HOT dudes, I will watch till there are no hot dudes- BUT OKAY I love the Charlaine Harris books and this is my favorite one. Eric is under some witches spell and has no memory of what an asshole he is. LOVE! The book is a lil different, but as long as the show follows through with lots of nekked (almost cock shots of) Eric...and some tastefully naughty bang out scenes (even if they are with Sookie)-I'll be pleased.

The only thing is him...

Oh man! I would allow him in my one woman wolf pack! I would like to call my vag 'MLK' and allow vamps and wolves to come me! He causes me to use exclamations all day!!!!!!! besides wanting to do Alcide and Eric, and be more like Lafayette- this season has been interesting. Though I could give a fuck about Jessica and Hoyt...and Sam's family can all be set on fire. Though I hate Bill, I cannot WAIT till Sookie starts boning Eric and Bill has to DEAL with being lame with a lame hair cut.
He is King Bill. King of the LAMESSSSSS!

Andy Belfleur being strung out on the V has been entertaining...but he's gonna need to do something drastic or I will be borrrred with him.

Then there is Tara...

Besides straightening her hair and becoming a lesbian, she just comes around to say 'fuck' a lot. Eyefuck Pam. And...
Well that's about it! Come on. I love Tara and Lafayette together, but have her videotape Eric showering or something.

One would have thought I would be excited about Alcide's ex Debbie Pelt being back this season. I'm not. I long for the Debbie Pelt of last season. The 80's scrunchie wearing V fiend! Her clothing alone entertained me. Now she's miss goody two shoes....but I read the books. SO, I know.

Have to say I am excited about this season, also, the added bonus of the Sunday pot-luck gatherings that happen at Jesse and JK's. B is also involved. We laugh, we eat, we drool, JK defends Bill, Jesse roots for Jason and B curses Sookie. It's a blast!

Carry on True Blood, carry on...

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