Sunday, July 3, 2011

Overheard At The Dunkin' Donuts

My plans to run errands in my hood were stalled when it began pouring again. This just meant sitting in D&D with an iced coffee and a plain donut stick-rather poetic. I planned on just staring out the window and collecting my thoughts.
Then I heard this:

Woman on cell phone: ...yeah, that bill put a damper on all my plans. I wanted to go to Kings Plaza and do a lil shopping. You know, buy things for myself and the we're meeting tomorrow at what time?....2:45 or 3, sounds great. The weather will be better.....right....another reason I'm glad to be seeing you tomorrow is- well you know where I'd, Kings Plaza! (giggles) I shouldn't be spending anything and I have enough clothes, but a shirt here n' there is like a pick-me-up....

I listened and realized if I were a middle aged Jewish woman sitting on my cell in a Dunkin' Donuts, then that would be ME! I have been known to say the EXACT same thing, I don't always go to Kings Plaza, but I love spending money I don't have and blaming it on my NEED for retail therapy. Have been trying to be better about that. I wanted to buy that woman a donut and pat her on the shoulder-then I realized that she was kinda annoying and she would take this as me wanting to be friendly. Also, I would be an enabler because I would be right there with her at Kings Plaza buying a ton of shit I don't need.

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