Friday, August 26, 2011

Fillin' the Sac: Hurricane Irene Styles

So the other day Double D Gchats me that I am living in THE ZONE. Don't know if ya heard but after going through EARTHQUAKE 2011 that devastated mirrors everywhere- we are now preparing for Hurricane Irene. Trains are shutting down. Peeps are buying years worth of water- basically peeps are freakin'.the.fuck.out!
One would think I would be all buying 15 boxes of granola bars because I live in the DANGER ZONE, but I am chillin'. Hitting up the supermarket in a bit. Going to get some writing done. Get some sleep. Watch some DVD's. Get some more sleep. Try not to think about eating buttery shit to soothe the fact that this weekend is going to SUCK!
In any case, Double D and I discussed the evacuation bags peeps were advised to prepare. I then came up with a few items that were missing from the list bearing only water, flashlights, etc.

Here is what would be in my bag:

- a great rain slicker with a hood
- some books
- a shake shack burger, milkshake, and bottled water
- a sassy gay friend
- a Wii
- some fruit n' shit
- a party dress, some jeans, some shorts, a cable knit sweater
- a hat because the hair will be EFFED- much like it is now, am rocking a mini fro a la Chaka Khan in the group Rufus
- the number to someone with a private jet and a house that is not in the 'fucked zone'
- Patron and some Sophia (Double D) because I'm classy
- a machete because peeps act straight cray cray when shit goes down and I will cut a bitch
- Insta-Dry nail polish- to do my nails on the private jet
- a hot, interesting boo who will come in handy if that jet shit doesn't pop off!

Anything more and the bag would be too heavy.

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  1. ha. just read this. for the record, if i had to pack a go bag, i'd also include a hot man who isn't so stupid that hanging out with him for multiple days would suck, and taittinger rosé instead of sophia. 'cause i'm a classy bitch.