Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Thing With (or FOR) Ami James: Chapter II -Going Inside

My stalking skills lack a certain je ne sais quoi, mostly because I have to be inspired and also because I am not as crazed as I seem. EVEN when it comes to hot dudes that make my uterus quiver like Ami James.
I feel like I have so many shows to watch, and books to never finish writing, and sleep to catch up on to actually stalk someone. EVEN someone as hot, luscious and 'stand-up guy' like Ami.

In any case, I made my way into the Wooster Street Social Club. Of course Mr. James wasn't there- baby steps. My friend Marci drops a bombshell on me- she wants to get a tattoo.
Her first tattoo.
On her hand.
She says this while opening the door to the WSSC so I had no time to fully process it and shake her while asking: why? why? why?
I didn't do that of course because I was walking down the hall leading to the front desk-the desk I have seen Ami lean on (on TV), then there was the couch that I've seen him sit on with the serious face (or just the face he has), and...well just the space where my boo (in my head) spends his days. Except for the day I was there which was good for EVERYBODY.
I had to sit down.
Marci looked at designs and then spoke to a dude who told her that he couldn't give her a hand tatt because Ami doesn't allow that shit. He also proceeded to flirt with her hard core, but in the end told her no hand tatt and to come back and take it up with Ami.
I was still sitting and kinda pleased at my boo (in my head) because a hand tatt really?! Also neck tatts?!
I have already mentioned that people with neck tatts alert me to their douchebag/bitch/asshat capabilities...except for m'boo of course!
The dude also mentioned how this would be Marci's first tatt AND she's a teacher AND she is quite lovely (which he pointed out repeatedly)- I dunno if it was just the luck of draw, but why do most women I've seen in tattoo parlors look 'rode hard and put away wet'? Like life has dealt them a bad hand and then slapped them with a dick?, Marci left a lil frustrated but with a fire in her eyes she says: now you can fight Ami for me on the mats.
I chuckled and then looked forward to those mats-perhaps in chapter III of my semi-stalking of Ami James. There will be sweat, shirts will come off...and most likely he'll be calling the cops to get me the eff away from him- if I even make it to the mats because most likely I'll be distracted by food or watching True Blood or something.

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