Sunday, August 7, 2011

Good Things I Have Put In My Mouth Lately-Balthazar!

Honestly, I didn't think I would be doing one of these for a bit because for the next month and a half I am on this strict diet/cleanse. I am doing the cleanse/diet because I can and...why not?
I eat healthy mostly- but I already feel more energetic and 'lighter'-though I realized that my love for cheese and bready things runs DEEP (so deep I put her ass to sleep- ahh Ice Cube, though that makes NO SENSE and does not correlate with eating at Balthazar).
Anyways, there are going to be moments. Few and far between moments, when I am going to do bad, bad things.

My book club finished reading the book Tell All by Chuck Palahniuk- I found it quite good by the way- and because of the Hollywood glamor, we decided to do it UP at Balthazar. A fancy-pants spot in Soho, NYC.
Models, actors, people who think they are important and shit go there to be seen. We went there to eat...and look at the people trying to be seen.
I knew today was going to have me delve into the pleasure depths of delish baked goods, but I was still so good. Too good. Just lil nips of the Le Panier bread basket.

Look at this...

I can't. *fans self with piece of lettuce*

...but I did have this for breakfast. The scrambled egg in puff pastry!

It was delightful. Now I can no longer type or look at these pics. I'm going to go cry in a corner. Cry into the bag of bikini's and leotards I am ONLY GOING TO BE WEARING.

If you don't mind the atmosphere of assholes, DEFINITELY go to Balthazar for the delish food...and the bread. The friggin' bread!
I have to go back in a month for the fries, I hear they are the business.
...but for now, I cleanse. I live. I plot- for mid-September-October when I can eat bread again!

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