Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Beats In L.A.

I haven't said too much about my LA trip because it was chilllll and mostly for work...but there was some play- but it was LA.
I understand the animal that LA is. It was just intensified because I had to deal with TV people- keep your slacks on, the world isn't ready for me on TV...my own sitcom that would show me eating various desserts off of hot dudes while saying snarky shit.
Anyways, I mostly laid by a pool and went to the Westfield Mall. Chill times- well when I wasn't plotting peoples deaths.
It's pretty general to say that people in LA are fake- but.it.is.true. (to an extent)
Also note, I haven't met EVERYONE in LA (thank hay-sus)...but I feel comfortable with my belief.
Every person that approached me wasn't just being friendly, they were trying to figure out why my (amazingly good lookin') Black ass was where I was. Was I someone???!! By day 2 I started my conversations by saying 'I am no one'- reminds when Buffy (The Vampire Slayer) ran away after killing Angel and then became Anne....-long story...
People would then walk away from me. Seriously. They would just walk away. Because I am a NOBODY!!!
...though if I had a pair of Beats by Dre headphones I would've been told to 'run them headphones' resulting in me having no headphones and losing my Brooklyn credibilities by getting ROBBED in LA- and not Compton, I was staying near Beverly Hills, yo!
Anyways, it seems that them headphones are what the streets want! Every time I turned on the news someone was getting jacked-WAIT getting beat for them BEATS! HA!
Yes, I sat in my hotel room eating cashew nuts coming up with various headlines about this audio thievery. It entertained me till I went to lay by the pool again.

All in all, LA was cool and I didn't punch anyone. Still winning!

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