Sunday, July 8, 2012

As The (Online) Dating World Turns: Fuck I Look Like...

So this dude wrote me and was all like: you don't look your age.

Did I:

A) write him back: you don't look tall, dark or handsome so cheers, bitch!

B) throw shit and then write him back: fuck you!

C) go whoopee! and then write him back: oh thank you! please place yourself inside of meeeee!!!!

D) shrug my shoulders and say to myself: and I know this bitch, I am fly!

If you said D, then you were CORRECT!

I could really give a fuck, but I know now that I am in my spinster years, dudes will treat me accordingly.  Thinking I am desperate or seek some type of approval.  Little do they know, that is not the case and I am still the same ole G who looks 24/25 and acts like an old gay dude who lives on Marthas Vineyard in a BIG house....bitch.
I am mad uppity and have no time for the bullshit.


  1. If our dates goes awry. That is what I look like.

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