Monday, July 2, 2012

When In Rome...

....or in Buffalo and you have a hotel room with HBO- so you watch TrueBlood.  Now that I am all caught up-I still feel it sucks- but I kinda wanna see what happens.  Plus, Alcide aka Big Dick (Magic Mike) aka Joe Magniello is on the show and he just delights my loins.

Yeah, I saw Magic Mike.  I knew it would be pointless, but I expected/hoped for some literal dick swingin'.  There was none.  Just an attempt at a deep plot and MATTHEW EFFIN' MCONAGHEY being fucking greasy and annoying.  Channing Scrotum is still beady eyed and gross to me, but HE CAN GET IT.  Put a burlap sac over his face and masking tape his mouth shut, and then enjoy the RIDE! 
Giddy up.
It is was not the worst movie ever....but it was a close second or third.

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