Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Vocab: Ho Stroll

Wow, it has been a bitch wearing spiked heels and kicking you in the vagina-which would hurt if you have a vag.  Sure, there have been amazing moments, but then there are moments that I've needed to cope using varying degrees of alcohol consumption.  Alcohol, laughter with a friend(s) and fresh air...

Ho Stroll.

A Ho Stroll is basically me and my peeps stopping at our new jumpoff...that I am going to be very icognito about because I love this place and if I see a bunch of assholes wasting my flava, imma go 2012 on dat ass!
...okay, so the jumpoff is this amazingly cheap Mexican hole in a wall that allows you to take your frozen margarita TO GO!  Flavored frozen magaritas.  Plastic cup. Straw.  TO GO!

We grab our dranks, choose a direction and begin our stroll!  It almost always involves us stopping and saying to each other: I am so drunk right now.
Sometimes we make passes at sexy people, and most of the time we just have deep talks about life.

Ho Stroll's are a great way to enjoy a summers day...and I am going to try to make a winter Ho Stroll with some hot cocoa...and nips of Bailey's or somethin' because the KEY to a Ho Stroll is alcohol.  I mean, you need people and legs to walk with, but alcohol is needed.  All the elements to a Ho Stroll are pretty key and much needed.
People, drank and walking.

Ho Stroll, make it happen!

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