Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Loose Leggings

File under: Most Will Give Zero Fucks About This
...but this is a a BIG issue for me.  After my weight loss, I am in this perpetual in between.  I still have curves, but I can't just buy straight Larges like I used to because then I look shapeless and like I need a gay style fairy to sprinkle glamour dust on me.
I am that fine line from smedium to melarge depending on the cut and store- you know how certain stores just run smaller (Uniqlo) or bigger (Old Navy).
Bitches be broke so no Nordstroms or Bloomingdale's for me.

When it comes to my leggings though, I can't find the right size.  Small =yeast, Medium=slightly baggy to the point of not cool looking or I have to pull them up to my boobs OR Large= not even an option.
Maybe I should stop getting H&M leggings and spend actual money on them, but that makes no sense to me when leggings come n' go and cost only 5-10 bucks at H&M.
Bitches be cold so I can't just not wear leggings under pants or in lieu of stockings.  I have got to figure this out OR workout till I get to a full smedium, I doubt I'll be small because my legs have a video vixen thickness that will not go away (I mostly wrote that in case Idris Elba ever found himself reading my blog).


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